These Berries are Ripe . . .

. . . and so am I, almost! I’m redder or pinker now on my face from the radiation 🙂 and also ripe at the point of being almost finished. Today, Tuesday, I lack only 2 more radiation treatments, meaning I’m finished by noon Thursday! Yay! Starting Thursday afternoon I’m home to stay for at least 5 weeks before I have a trip planned. And hoping I have some taste and swallowing ability back by then (the lodge food is said to be excellent!), though my doc says to not count on the taste totally returning that soon. She says it can take up to 6 months for some people to have it totally but gain it little by little, week by week. Since my radiation was only on the left side of my mouth, maybe I will get it back sooner. Hoping! 🙂

The red berries are on the big tree at the hotel that had been yellow berries for weeks but now red, ripe and ready for the birds and other creatures! The blue or black berries below are in a yard I walk by everyday to and from the clinic and Walter, my driver, says they are sweet and if people can pick them before the birds and animals, they add them to dishes for sweetness or just eat as berries.


And, well, for the 3rd time I’m saying that it looks like rainy season is really starting! And hopefully for real this time! We had good rains the first of April and again the first of May with both months ending up mostly dry. This is really late for us to start our “every afternoon shower” of rainy season and everyone is hoping it stays this time. Our green, lush jungles need rain! 🙂

¡Pura Vida!

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  1. I am so happy and excited that you are almost done with these treatments! You’ve been through the worst of it now and I’m praying each day gets better for you!

  2. I think we can all give a collective sigh that your surgery and radiation ordeal is nearly over. Since we cannot yet be there ??, we will open a bottle of wine Thursday evening and toast to your good health and future nature adventures.

    1. Steve, I’m sure my Thursday evening will be much better with your toast! And just being home to stay for more than 3 nights will help too! I would have a drink with you but not suppose to drink alcohol while on radiation plus I tried Sangria the other night (being a rebel) and it tasted awful! 🙂 Be so glad when my taste returns.

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