Balcony Concert Tonight

I am missing the final concert for the Summer (May begins Winter here). It is the last in a series of hotel concerts called “Summer in the city – From your balcony” or really “Verano en la ciudad – Desde tu balcón” with a Covid-safe Rock Concert at my Best Western San Jose Hotel and they’ve been doing it once a month since January or December. See the hotel’s website photos & videos of the concerts.

The only way you can see/hear the concert is to rent one of the 150 upstairs rooms with balconies overlooking the pool and watch the concert live from your balcony! Pretty cool ideal that helps both young adults have fun during the pandemic and a struggling hotel with no tourists and almost no customers fill several rooms at an advertised “special price” of $61 USD (more than I’m paying) with a limit to 4 per room/balcony. Tonight, Saturday, May 8 is this month’s concert and the final one in this summer series.

Friday before I left I snapped these cellphone shots of them setting up the stage over one end of the pool. This month American Express is the sponsor.

The stage under construction Friday.

And more photos . . .

Part of the set-up crew taking a break Friday. 🙂
The stage will have a high roof over it, so still a lot of work to do.

And on that stage will be . . .

Rock Band “Los Ajenos” for tonight. (Photo from hotel website.)

As you might figure, I’m not too sad that I’m away from the hotel over the weekend and missing this! 🙂 Just hope they don’t scare the baby birds too much. 🙂

We had our highest day yet of Covid cases Friday and 24 mor people died of Covid, but still no word about restaurants remaining closed.

¡Pura Vida!

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  1. Hello, what a great idea to enjoy concerts from the hotel balcony. Like you, I do hope the birds can tolerate the noise and lights!!! The clothes the band is wearing look like something I would paint the house in!!! ?
    I am sorry to read about the COVID cases and deaths in your area.
    God bless your day.

    1. These concerts were perfect for young people trying to survive the shutdowns of Covid – and yes it is sad that cases spiked again here. This pandemic will not go away until all little countries like CR can get enough vaccine to vaccinate everyone! We started here with the oldest people and worked down and the last I heard most areas were only into the 60’s or 50’s, so a good ways to go yet! Rich countries got the vaccine first and it is still slow getting here but will happen in time.

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