Crimson-fronted Parakeet

Yes, they look like parrots and are as big as some parrots, but are officially parakeets. We have this Crimson-fronted Parakeet (eBird link) and an orange-chinned one in Atenas and I have photos of them at my house and on a nearby country road, but they are usually higher up the hills and always in the tops of the trees, generally in flocks. Very difficult to photograph. See my other photos in my Crimson-fronted Parakeet Gallery.

Here they are in the top of the hotel’s big tree and even from the 4th floor they are hard to photograph as they come through just before sunset in poor light, snacking on the berries before going uphill to their night roosting tree. A colorful addition to this colorful garden!

Crimson-fronted Parakeet, San Jose, Costa Rica

And more photos . . .

Crimson-fronted Parakeet, San Jose, Costa Rica
Crimson-fronted Parakeet, San Jose, Costa Rica
Crimson-fronted Parakeet, San Jose, Costa Rica

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¡Pura Vida!

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make life miserable

When I realized I was old and getting older, I tried to simplify my life, hoping to get away from what seemed like a life-time of goal interruptions and petty problem-solving – constantly! And much of that was for other people in my life. Retiring to Costa Rica solo was one part of that simplification effort and another was just trying to live a simple lifestyle, focused mostly on nature. But it seems I can’t get away from the “little stuff” of this world that can hound you to death and make life complicated.

Yesterday and today I’ve dealt with the bureaucracy of Charles Schwab where my 401k is located, having a month ago requested a cash advance to pay for my radiation treatment, paying nearly 25% “income tax” on my money withdrawn for healthcare. That’s more money to the country that is not helping me with in any way. Medicare is no good if you live outside the states, even though they withhold money from my Social Security Check for it every month. A month ago Schwab said the money I needed would be deposited in my U.S. bank account in about 10 days if I faxed a W-9 form which I did, but unfortunately I did not sign and date it. They never notified me of my stupid mistake. When I called to ask why the money had not been deposited, they checked and told me it was because I didn’t sign the form, saying “someone should have contacted you,” but they didn’t! So I refaxed the signed form yesterday (they don’t accept emails) then called to make sure they got it. All of this takes time and I need the money now! 🙂 And life goes on!

This wonderful hotel room had one little problem I soon discovered, the bathroom sink was not draining – nasty. But fortunately the excellent staff here had someone up in minutes and when a plunger didn’t work, he removed the trap and of course with a clean trap it works great. I wish every other problem had these kind of helpers! 🙂

Then I get a call from Radioterapia that the machine is broken and being repaired. Can I come later, like at 6 PM? “Well, that’s after dark but okay I will be there.” At least it didn’t interfere with my 2 PM doctor appointment across town with Dr. Hernández. Then later another call moved it back to 4:45 PM which I liked better and still fitted with the 2 PM appointment. So, if you wondered, I’m not just sitting around a hotel bored. 🙂

Plus I’m still fretting with the sometimes painful left eye and the stitches that have not been removed and yesterday I dumped that problem on Dr. Hernández at that 2 PM appointment, since he was the cancer surgeon who recommended this ophthalmologist and the eyelid surgery. My eye bothers me more than all the bigger surgery incisions and radiation side effects. Well, Dr. Hernández is so good and so nice that he told me to quit worrying about the eye and that when radiation is over, he will personally remove the stitches in his office and I don’t have to go back to the doctor who keeps telling me I’m over sensitive to pain. 🙂 So some emotional relief there. I just have to wait until June 22.

Because the oncology radiation doctor decided to go with 33 treatments rather than 30 I would not have the 4 weeks of rest after radiation they strongly suggest (almost require) before my scheduled birthday trip to the Osa Peninsula, Bosque del Cabo. This popular, small lodge in the rainforest usually can’t afford for people to make last minute changes, but with Covid and almost no tourists here now, they were very gracious in moving my reservation forward two more weeks and thus I will go later in July. And I’m still anticipating a grand week in nature! But again, a lot of time and new paperwork to change both the lodge reservation and Sansa Airline reservation and remember when to transfer the deposit money to them. Whew!

I haven’t mentioned yet that last week some kind of insect got into my house in Atenas and ate through most of my cargo shorts (what I wear every day) and one whole wooden shelf in a wardrobe. (Yes, they seem to eat both wood and fabric!) My landlord is getting the wardrobe repaired and paying for new cargo shorts for me, but the shorts have to be ordered and all my clothes had to be removed from the wardrobe and piled on a couch for the repair. Grrrrrr. Just more time and trouble if not cost. And so the world we live in marches on! 🙂

And the older problem still not solved of ordering CPAP Machine supplies through Aeropost and they are stuck in CR Customs with no help from Aeropost and the American company doesn’t see it as their problem because they sent it to my Miami address which I now have a new one for internet orders with a different company. And I tried to order anorther set of the CPAP supplies from a different U.S. company and they want a U.S. Doctor’s prescription first! Agggghhh! All these little detail problems sap some of the leisure out of being “Retired in Costa Rica” and make me wonder what else I can do to simplify life! (Learn to sleep without a CPAP?) 🙂

Sorry to share the “negative” things that this usually positive person has to deal with and it seemed more so recently, but as Lincoln said:

“And this, too, shall pass away.”

Abraham Lincoln supposedly told this by “Eastern wise men.”

But . . . Pura vida! I’m going to find some way to enjoy life regardless of all these little silly interruptions and actually have a good day! 🙂 Writing this yesterday in the midst of much of the above “stuff.” And so I continue to be honest with you in reporting on the progress of my cancer fight and life in Costa Rica! Not all roses, but still a great life! 🙂

¡Pura Vida!

6 Replies to “Crimson-fronted Parakeet”

  1. Ugh. Sorry for all the exasperating issues you are facing with right now. It sounds like a real pile on of problems. Especially wish you didn’t have to deal with all this while in the middle of treatment. Does sap your energy and ramps up your anxiety–especially the money situation. Hope things resolve quickly.

    1. Thanks Mary! And they are working out one by one (as usual) but you used the best word to describe them: “Exasperating!”

      But “This too shall pass!”

  2. Oh Charlie, I’m sorry you have had to deal with all these problems, how frustrating for you! It’s more than enough for you to deal with the radiation treatments. I know you have had trouble getting your CPAP supplies for a long time now. It’s too bad the company that sent them could not cancel that order and resend due to these problems. That is a scary sounding insect to eat your clothes and a wooden shelf! Wow! I’m glad your landlord is taking care of it but it is still a problem for you. I hope things will calm down for you and all these things will soon be in the past. You really don’t need this now! Thinking of you and sending prayers!

    1. Thanks Bonnie! And yes, “This too shall pass,” but in all my openness I decided to share some of the little exasperations that you can have anywhere, but some are specific to Costa Rica (like the insects or Customs) and some readers are considering a move here. I’m still happy here and can’t wait to get this radiation completed so I can “move on” with life! 🙂

  3. Wow, what a lot of frustration. I really sympathize. I recently had my bank account hacked and many thousands of dollars stolen. It was amazing how long it took to get that resolved. Also, my husband and I both use bipap machines and it is nearly impossible to get supplies. We have not found ONE a company who cares that we need these machines to stay safe. God bless you and I am thankful the dr. Yesterday agreed to help you with your eye stitches.

    1. Thanks Mildred! And I guess these “little” frustrations are everywhere and not just in Costa Rica! And we will live through them! 🙂

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