Bird of Paradise Flower

Bird of Paradise Flower (Wikipedia link). It’s another of the many flowers in the hotel garden and this one was not included in my first flower post from here. Though they can grow in gardens here, I rarely see them. Some have one small plant in a pot (like at Xandari), but this hotel has a flower bed full of them with many blooming right now. First time I’ve seen this many together. Another plus for this hotel.

Bird of Paradise Flower, Best Western Plus, San Jose, Costa Rica

And finally, Rainy Season has started in the Central Valley, first week of May like normal. You may remember that I thought it was starting early this year with multiple rains the first week of April, but that was a false start with little more until now! 🙂 “Rainy Season” (May to November) is also called “Green Season” here and it is my favorite time of year, plus fewer tourists, since northerners like to come when it is cold & snowy up north and is the “Dry Season” here (December-April). See more flowers in my Flora & Forest Galleries.

¡Pura Vida!

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  1. They really are beautiful – amazing looking. Not to spoil that image in any way, but the mention of bird of paradise always takes me back to the first time I heard the term. It was in a silly song recorded by Little Jimmy Dickens. (My parents had a recording.) Not only do I enjoy the view, but the memory brings a smile.

    1. And AG, sometimes the memories are more important than the views! 🙂 I barely remember that funny song and the younger ones can see/hear it on YouTube at
      OR read about it on Wikipedia at
      Or read the lyrics at:

      And for what it is worth, there are several types of birds call “Bird of Paradise,” all living in Asia or South Pacific, none in Costa Rica. We have only the flower which was actually imported from Africa! 🙂

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