Staying Positive When Cancer Comes

Since I was a high school boy when Mom gave me that book The Power of Positive Thinking for Young People by Norman Vincent Peale, I have made being positive a part of my life philosophy and really a part of my personal faith in God and the act of following Jesus.

It is kind of like happiness, it is inside you and you actually decide to be happy or not I believe. Then when bad things happen or come to your life, you make the best of them and keep on living. That is what I did for 20 years of a very difficult marriage while she was never happy and I was always happy in spite of the situation. Likewise with those overlapping years of a special needs child with autism and another rebel child. One survives by staying positive and finding the good things and opportunities, even within the bad!

Now don’t jump to conclusions – I’m not announcing my imminent death by cancer! 🙂

What has been for several years little skin cancers all over my body may have grown deeper roots or a separate and totally different cancer may have come that is more complicated.

New Adventure Started February 11

Not sure what to expect, I kept a journal of what was happening on one of the “static pages” or non-blog-post pages of my website and called it FIRST RAMPANT FEELINGS ON POSSIBLE CANCER. Kind of long.

The Latest Diagnosis

All those appointments and diagnostic tests lead to this current summary diagnosis with more detail in the online journal:

  • I have a tumor inside the salivary gland between my left ear and left eye that has grown fairly rapidly to around 3 X 4 cm now.
  • Though the needle biopsy indicates it is almost certainly a type of cancer only removing it will tell us for positive. Outside chance of no cancer. Prayers appreciated! 🙂
  • Surgery is scheduled for 15 March at Hospital La Católica in San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Dr. Christian Hernández Mena is my oncologist and surgeon – terrific in every way!
  • After surgery, a full biopsy is done, and the exact type of cancer determined, I could be receiving radiation and yes going bald! 🙂 More reports after surgery!

My Blog and Travel Plans Continue

I had to postpone my March trip to Tambor Bay, but hopefully by the time of my planned May return to Arenal, I will be able to travel just like always if radiation schedules don’t interfere! 🙂

For any readers who are also facing cancer, I want to recommend the following website and encourage you to stay positive and continue life as I will with the same kind of travel and nature blog posts right here at Retired in Costa Rica!

How to Keep a Positive Attitude With Cancer

“Choose to be optimistic, it feels better.”

—Dalai Lama

¡Pura Vida!

19 Replies to “Staying Positive When Cancer Comes”

    1. Lisa, thank you so much! Your prayers always make a difference! And please know that I am okay and have friends here who will help if and when needed. I guess my prayer is that they will be wrong and it proves to not be cancer. 🙂

  1. Charlie, this is not something that anyone wants to have happen. I’m sure you will have excellent care. Just let us know what happens after your treatment. I wish you all the best in this coming time.

  2. Charlie, this may be a duplicate, I lost Internet just as I was posting the original.
    I’m sure you will have great care with your situation. keep us posted on your progress and we will all be praying for you.

  3. Charlies, we’ll definitely be praying for your surgery and trusting God for a full recovery. But surely staying positive throughout the adventure is the best way to handle a life crisis like this.

  4. Charlie,

    Even though we haven’t made it to Costa Rica yet due to a possible Alzheimers and Parkinson’s diagnosis, we never miss your blogs which have given us much inspiration and enjoyment. We will keep you in our prayers and close to our hearts while we wish for the best of prognosis.

    1. Else, Thanks for your comments, following my blog, and those wishes for the best! Please look me up when you get to Costa Rica and I treat you to a morning coffee or lunch!

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