A Landslide for Biden!

That is all that can save America now!

Anyone who watched that nasty, rude, interrupting liar in tonight’s debate can surely not vote for that devil. I turned it off after 50 minutes and will not watch any more debates. It is too sickening to watch him. There is something deeply wrong with a country that elects and supports a racist fascist like Trump. Vote him out overwhelmingly! Your only hope America!

We don’t have room for all of you in Costa Rica. 🙂

7 Replies to “A Landslide for Biden!”

  1. Good morning Charley. You are absolutely correct. I purposely did not watch as I knew it would anger me. This mornings reruns and news only reinforces what at is obvious. This country is a total train wreck unless this self serving racist ignorant criminal is removed.

  2. I watched it and cringed. Doug and I already voted by mail and there was a tracking number that we checked to make sure they received our ballots. 60% to 28% was pretty good. I loved it when Biden called him a ?!

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