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I had a great dinner last night with Vera and Daniela off and on with others out – it was arroz con pollo or chicken and rice with a typical Tico breakfast this morning of Gallo Pinto or beans and rice with egg and coffee and bread and a big plate of fruta and glass of juice! I ate breakfast with Jose, I neat young guy from a little village an 8 hour bus ride south of here near the Panama border. He works for a robotics company and goes to the university in night school for more robotics skills. Lots of different things are manufactured here in Costa Rica and there are some really sharp young people here!

If there is any downside of a boarding house it is sharing the bathroom with many other people. No wait for my shower this morning, but after breakfast before leaving for school I could not brush my teeth because it was occupied. It is all part of “being family” or sharing which is ultimately a joy!   🙂

I had a good morning at school today followed by a tour of downtown Heredia with lunch at the Central Mercado, a typical lunch plate called a “casado” which is your choice of meat and an assortment of vegetables, rice and salad served for lunch everywhere in Costa Rica, like what Mamma would serve you at home. The word “casado” literally means “married” and implies that if you are married this is what your wife will serve you for lunch.  🙂  I will report on the school tomorrow and Wednesday I’m going to the Toucan Rescue Ranch for another interesting experience. Never a dull moment! Even when learning!

Casa de Garcia

A 4-bedroom Boarding House Apartment


Heredia Central


And of course I have a “Trip Gallery” of photos from this week, titled:

2020 February 22-28 — Heredia for Spanish Immersion

¡Pura Vida!

2 Replies to “Tico Casa & Heredia Central”

  1. Dear Charlie, I have been following your daily posts for a couple of years now, and I have bought a couple of your books which I enjoy tremendously.
    I still leave in the States but I will be spending our Memorial Day weekend ( May 23 – May 25 ) in Costa Rica. we are planning to retire in the next few years and are thinking of settling in Atenas when we do. We are particularly interested in the Roca Verde subdivision which I know by your postings that, you live there. If you are free on Monday May 25 it would be an honor to get to know you, take you out to lunch to a place of your choice and get some of your perspective of not only the country in general but Atenas in particular and specially Roca Verde. Your reply at your convenience would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Gracias for reading Mario and I’m happy that some of my posts are helpful to you in preparation for retirement here which is one reason for the blog! 🙂

      I will try to do a personal response to your email on the request to get together when you are here which I would be delighted to do.

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