My Africa Adventures Added to Website

On Safari in Masai Mara Reserve, Kenya, November 19, 2005

I am beginning a new stories section of my website titled Travel. It will eventually have many stories of my many trips around the world (outside Costa Rica) with some illustrative photos along with links to the newest section of my Photo Gallery titled Pre-Costa Rica Travels.  where I am slowly creating a gallery on each trip over the years or at least the recent years, one at a time as I slowly move such photos from the Travel Section of my old Pbase gallery.   PHOTO ABOVE: Masai Shepherd in Kenya

Writing the stories and moving the photos are both very slow and time-consuming jobs, but time is what an ol’ retiree has isn’t it?   🙂

For multiple reasons, I decided to start with Africa in both the Travel Stories and the Photo Gallery sections. The photos are mostly moved but all of the stories have not been written yet. I have a good start, especially with most of my Gambia stories already told here. Here’s what you can expect to find now:


Driving from Nairobi, Kenya to Musoma, Tanzania, November 7, 2005

You find Travel on the main menu above with dropdown menus for stories started here and additional menu links on each country’s home page for related stories in other pages of the site. For example: my Gambia Missionary experiences and mission trips are on the HIS SPIRIT menu first and thus linked to there from this Travel Gambia Home Page or Kenya Home Page, etc. The software allows for drop down menus for only items initiated on that page, thus regular links to other pages like the missionary stories.

And since my photo galleries are actually on, they cannot be on any of my site drop down menus but must be linked to from each country’s Home Page or found by going to the big gallery first from the above menu. I hope that is not confusing. Just use the country’s home page to find everything about that country.   🙂

I have only barely started on all the stories I want to tell, but for the main Travel section described above I have started these pages with more stories coming on each in the future:



Masai people in the Great Rift Valley near Masai Mara, Kenya

My travel photos made before moving to Costa Rica are in a special sub-gallery title Pre-Costa Rica TRAVELSLike my Costa Rica Trips gallery they are arranged chronologically by dates of each trip with most recent at top. At this moment, I have only travels to Africa included. Click above to see all or here is the list of my Africa Travel Galleries which will later be mixed in with other travels depending on the dates:

Africa Travel Photo Galleries:

Sunset on River Gambia, McCarthy Island, Janjanbureh, The Gambia


“The darkest thing about Africa

has always been our ignorance of it.”

~George Kimble

All photos by Charlie Doggett.

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