Farewell Aguila & Links to Articles About Me :-)

About noon I take boat from here to “wet landing” (barefoot through surf)
in the little village of Drake Bay. Then a taxi with a Canadian family who
were in another hotel, going to the Drake Bay Airport (photos below).
Then less than an hour flight to San Jose Airport in Alajuela and my personal
 taxi prescheduled to take me home where I ordered pizza delivered, started
laundry and a few other chores before collapsing! 
Drake Bay Airport Terminal, Ticket Office & Gift Shop
Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Bording Gate, complete with attendant & fire extinguisher!
Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Drake Bay Airport
Drake Bay, Costa Rica

The Thrill of the Cockpit
Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Goodbye Drake Bay, a bay off the Pacific Ocean at Corcovado Park
Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Crossing the Mountains to San Jose in 45 minutes! (All day on bus)
Talamanca Mountains, Costa Rica

Main Terminal, San Jose Airport – But Sansa has its own little terminal.
Alajuela, Costa Rica

My TRIPS Photo Gallery on this Drake Bay Trip



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