Return Flight via Drake Bay

The return flight was from Palmar Sur, the closest airport to hotel but it has no ground crew, thus the co-pilot has to do everything from wheel blocks to loading luggage! 🙂 But Palmar Sur does have a new terminal building as does Drake Bay that we stopped in on the way back to San Jose and Drake Bay does have a ground crew! 🙂 I just love the sights from these short flights across Costa Rica. Below are 7 favorite shots from my return flight to San Jose . . .

Beaches are prettier from above! 🙂
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Costa Rica Coronavirus Treatment & Tourism Restarts

Read this interesting health new article in English explaining how Costa Rican scientists developed drug that stops the coronavirus. (article from It has been verified effective by George Washington University in the States and is undergoing trials here now. A vaccine is still needed for prevention, but this treatment will help prevent many deaths. Again Costa Rica leads the way!

Costa Rica coronavirus updates for Monday, August 3, article in Not good, but we still had our first flight here from out of the country after 173 days of no flights. Those who come from only Europe, UK and Canada have very strict requirements related to Coronavirus to enter the country. Read more at:

Immigration Administration clarifies new Costa Rica entry policies, article in And if you think you have a work-around by flying to Canada first, don’t! Because your passport tells where you live and if you go to another accepted country first, they will require you to stay in that country 14 days before coming on to Costa Rica. 🙂

Watch: Iberia plane receives water-cannon salute as commercial flights resume in Costa Rica, article in with video. The first tourist flight here since March is celebrated in multiple ways, but these tourists from Spain have a lot of Coronavirus health requirements to meet to continue their visit here, including a stay in quarantine if not already officially tested for the virus before arriving. Results of tests are usually in less than a day, depending on various factors. Read previous article for all the requirements. Even if from a “qualified” country, you have to really want to be here to “jump through all the hoops.” 🙂

I’m glad that as a resident I can visit any tourist spot open with only the requirement of a mask. But with an abundance of caution, I go nowhere else until the middle of September on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica in one of my favorite beach hotels, Hotel Banana Azul, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. 🙂

U.S. repatriation flights to & from Costa Rica will continue in August, This is for both directions, U.S. citizens “trapped” here can fly to Fort Lauderdale and Costa Rican citizens (not expat residents like me) can fly back to Costa Rica only to the San Jose airport and will be placed in quarantine for 14 days and verified virus-free.

TMI? One friend in the states likes to say that to me when I give “Too Much Information!” But this is only for those interested or needing the information. Plus all of this is a part of “The Year to Remember – 2020!”

¡Pura Vida!

Surprising Vista at Xandari

By using my new 600mm telephoto lens instead of my usual Samsung Phone Camera for a vista from the hilltop resort Xandari, I zoomed in on the Alajuela Cathedral with Central Park to the right and the bigger surprise, at top edge of photo is an American Airlines plane landing or taking off at the San Jose International Airport in Alajuela! Luck of the timing on the plane and sorry that the blog template crops off part of the plane, not so in my original photo (see in gallery).

Below is another shot in same direction from the same restaurant with my phone camera to help you see how much I was able to zoom in and crop a little!  🙂  The cathedral is on the left side of the city that you see between the restaurant and the mountains. My last day at Xandari, Wednesday, Walter picked me up and we got my internet order package 5 blocks east of the Cathedral, ate lunch 2 blocks north of the Cathedral, then drove 24 km (15 miles) west to Atenas where I live. My small world!   🙂

Looking south over Alajuela, Costa Rica (& San Jose Airport) from Xandari Resort. I stood in this same spot for the Cathedral-Airplane photo, just zooming in!


¡Pura Vida!

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Xandari costa rica   (their website)

Retired in Costa Rica

Farewell Aguila & Links to Articles About Me :-)

About noon I take boat from here to “wet landing” (barefoot through surf)
in the little village of Drake Bay. Then a taxi with a Canadian family who
were in another hotel, going to the Drake Bay Airport (photos below).
Then less than an hour flight to San Jose Airport in Alajuela and my personal
 taxi prescheduled to take me home where I ordered pizza delivered, started
laundry and a few other chores before collapsing! 
Drake Bay Airport Terminal, Ticket Office & Gift Shop
Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Bording Gate, complete with attendant & fire extinguisher!
Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Drake Bay Airport
Drake Bay, Costa Rica

The Thrill of the Cockpit
Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Goodbye Drake Bay, a bay off the Pacific Ocean at Corcovado Park
Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Crossing the Mountains to San Jose in 45 minutes! (All day on bus)
Talamanca Mountains, Costa Rica

Main Terminal, San Jose Airport – But Sansa has its own little terminal.
Alajuela, Costa Rica

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Managua, Nicaragua

Between airport and downtown, a patriotic billboard and the electric trees.


A closer shot of another presidential sign.
Reminded me of similar signs in Havana
with Castro telling how good it is!


The different colored art trees are lit up at night. First Lady’s idea I was told.


My Nature Air plane this time had a frog on it! Easy 55 minute flight.


The international passengers entrance to the Managua Airport. Nice & modern!

And don’t miss my Nicaragua Birds photo gallery for 98 different species!

And remember that both my trips to Nicaragua were provided by Tours Nicaragua!  Check out what they offer! I’m very happy with them!

And that is all the photos I’m going to share from my 2 night trip to Nicaragua June 28-30.