Euphonia & Chlorophonia in Nicaragua

Years ago they were called tanagers before getting their own unique names:

Yellow-throated Euphonia, El Jaguar Nature Reserve, Nicaragua
Blue-crowned Chlorophonia, El Jaguar Nature Reserve, Nicaragua
Blue-crowned Chorophonia (left), Yellow-winged Tanager (right)
El Jaguar Nature Reserve, Nicaragua
Blue-crowned Chlorophonia, El Jaguar Nature Reserve, Nicaragua
The one on the left more clearly shows the “blue crown” which they all have
All of these photos were shot from a great distance and cropped a lot!
A better shot with the Yellow-winged Tanager which can be seen from another location in the Tanager Post
Then there are 2 Blue-crowned Chlorophonia on the right, and the far right with orange cap is a Rufous-winged Tanager, thanks to Stephen for the ID!

El Jaguar Nature Reserve, Nicaragua

About Chlorophonia at Cornell’s Neotropical Birds – Only found Nicaragua to Guatemala and not in Costa Rica.
About Yellow-throated Euphonia at Cornell’s Neotropical Birds
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2 Replies to “Euphonia & Chlorophonia in Nicaragua”

  1. No trick with the light on last pic! That is a Rufous-winged Tanager. Frequent in El Jaguar. You got another tanager! I love El Jaguar. Great owners and Moises is a great guide

  2. Thanks again Stephen! And the Rugous-winged Tanager is a new species for me in Nicaragua though I did get one here in Costa Rica at the Arenal Observatory, another good birding place! This blog photo is not even in my Nicaragua Bird Gallery yet.

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