Flora Volcán or Pagoda Flower

I planted a Pagoda Flower, Clerodendrum paniculatum, in my yard last year after seeing several large shrubs with many flowers in two or more lodges. (They were introduced here from SE Asia.) Mine seems to be “just hanging on” with two stems shooting up, one flower each, but nothing like what I had hoped for. Maybe this year it will grow into a bush and give me more than just 2 flowers. 🙂 Here’s two shots from the other day . . .

Volcano or Pagoda Flower in my garden, Atenas, Costa Rica
Volcano or Pagoda Flower in my garden, Atenas, Costa Rica

And more photos from My Garden, a gallery.

¡Pura Vida!

I was originally scheduled to be gone this week for my birthday trip to Maquenque Lodge, but will now leave for there tomorrow, on my birthday. Today I finally have an appointment with the respiratory doctor in the biggest public hospital that is the only one who does CPAP therapy. Can’t wait to see him today and find out if my future CPAP machines and masks will be supplied free by the government! 🙂 I haven’t been able to get new masks through customs when shipped from the states and have a friend bring one back from the states which is trouble for him and me. So a big deal today!

Tomorrow night will be my first blog post from Maquenque on my 84th birthday! Hasta luego!

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  1. Once again, here in America, we will celebrate your birthday with parades, music, food, and fireworks. A lot of fireworks! Every time I hear the explosion of pyrotechnics or fire crackers- I will think of my CR buddy.

    I suspect your birthday trip to the Maquenque Lodge will be a day of celebration there, too. While there I hope you find a butterfly never known previously and scientists name it DOGGETT RHOPALOCERA. You deserve a butterfly named after you and your study and photography that benefits all your readers and future students of insects.

    At your age make certain there is a medical personnel around when you attempt to blow out 84 candles with one breath. Happy, happy birthday Charlie.

    1. Well Larry, you did it again – being extra kind and thoughtful to me! As you are even when it is not my birthday! 🙂

      I answer this just after returning from my first visit to my new respiratory doctor in the largest public hospital in Costa Rica and from now on my CPAP machines and new masks will be provided by the government of Costa Rica at no extra cost to me. (Like Americans with Medicare I pay a small monthly fee, but that is all for total medical services here.) The “free” healthcare system in Costa Rica is wonderful and the young respiratory doctor talked about my health with me in perfect English! 🙂

      And tomorrow begins another great birthday celebration week in the wilderness of Costa Rica. I will be reporting nightly from there with nature photos. Pura vida.

    2. I loved your note to Charlie! What a great friend you are!

      Wishing you a fun 4th of July celebration and Happy Birthday celebration to Charlie!

  2. Charlie have a wonderful birthday! So happy for what happened for you today at the doctor’s!

    Love the pagoda flower, so delicate and such a beautiful color!

    Thank you!!!


    1. At today’s doctor visit to a respiratory specialist I have been prescribed a new CPAP machine and mask compliments of the Costa Rica government! I really like “free” medical services! (Free other than the monthly fee I pay just like you do for your Medicare, and about the same amount.) Costa Rica is a great place to get old. 🙂

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