Neighbor’s Zinnia Butterflies

My neighbor and landlord “K,” who goes by the initial since his name is hard for some to say, recently planted a mass of zinnias on a hill behind his house and he invited me over to photograph the butterflies the flowers attract. In 15-20 minutes I photographed 13 species and that was not all of them! Here’s just 8 of the photos that I liked. One shot for the email and a gallery below that . . .

Julia Heliconian

CLICK IMAGE to see it larger . . .

I will go back to photograph more butterflies on the zinnias! 🙂

¡Pura Vida!

Postscript: This morning I had my gardener plant the Zinnia seeds from K in multiple locations in my yard where there is sun along with some more Porter Weeds or here called “Rabo de toro” (Bull’s tail). Both are big attractors of butterflies! 🙂

And don’t forget about my BUTTERFLIES & Moths of Costa Rica (324+ species) , the big gallery of galleries arranged by taxonomy families!


My photo book: Pura Vida Butterflies, Second Edition.

8 Replies to “Neighbor’s Zinnia Butterflies”

  1. Hi Charlie,

    Gorgeous photos!

    I’m not growing any zinnias now, but they do seem to be really attractive to butterflies.


    1. Thanks Robbie! I just planted some this morning. Here they grow year around but still live only for a month or two. You have to replant each time as they die out.

    1. Yeah, they were kind of seen as poor people’s flowers by some in the states, but the butterflies love them here and it is possible to grow them 4 different times a year!

  2. These are beautiful Charlie! I especially love the Great Southern White. I hope you are enjoying a wonderful week!

    1. Yes! Those bright zinnias make a good backdrop for all of the butterflies. Hope I get some growing soon.

      And most every week is good in its own way! 🙂 If I have problems, most seem to be either technology-related or age-related! 🙂 (Today my printer wouldn’t work and my plantar wart was hurting.) 🙂

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