Wildness Disappearing

Well, at least close to towns like Atenas or anywhere within an hour or two from San Jose. But from my porch, or terrace they call it here, I zoomed in on one of the hills nearby that looked undeveloped. The only sign of humans seems to be one small or moderate-sized house at the end of a dirt road, which could be a cool place to live! 🙂

Zooming in on a Nearby Hill, Atenas, Alajuela, Costa Rica

Of course Costa Rica has more than 25% of all land protected as wilderness national parks, reserves, or wildlife refuges, but in the more populated Central Valley or anywhere near the capital of San Jose, development is growing rapidly. I am very much aware of how many more cars are on the streets and highways now than just 10 years ago! Plus there seems to be construction work somewhere all the time, even in little Atenas! So it was fun to zoom in on one of the Atenas hills and see only one small house! 🙂

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¡Pura Vida!

3 Replies to “Wildness Disappearing”

  1. Hey Charlie: We have been here only 2 years and see new construction almost weekly in Atenas. Having grown up in a small village that was consumed by a ski area, I can relate to how some locals might feel about all the growth.

    1. And we may be slowly becoming more of a “rural tourist town” for those who want a quiet B&B centrally located to take day trips to the more congested tourist attractions. Which is fine, though I wish everyone in the world would learn to live without personal cars.
      When I saw that 1 house on that hill, I wondered how long it would be before that hill is covered in houses like my little hill here in Roca Verde. 🙂

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