3 Frogs at Villa Lapas

Two were photographed at Villa Lapas and one in the Carara Park, but both are a part of the same transitional rainforest in the lowlands of Rio Tarcoles, along the Pacific Coast, just an hour’s drive from where I live in Atenas.

Green & Black Poison Dart Frog

Green & Black Poison Dart Frog, Carara National Park, Costa Rica

Central American Bullfrog

Central American Bullfrog, Hotel Villa Lapas at Carara National Park, Costa Rica

Unidentified – Possibly a Rainfrog

Unidentified Frog, Hotel Villa Lapas at Carara National Park, Costa Rica

See the large collection of frog photos in my Amphibians CR Gallery with 50+ species! 🙂

¡Pura Vida!

Week without A Computer!

Because I had done blog posts from Villa Lapas & Carara Park more than a week ahead, you probably did not know how helpless I felt these last 6 or 7 days with no computer. I tried to use my Kindle to answer emails and respond to some blog comments, but it is not the same! I need a “real” keyboard to type and other features only on a laptop. Today will be the last day before Easter that my computer shop will be working (many businesses take off the whole week!) and I was fortunate that they got (from San Jose) a new laptop to replace the old Dell which kept breaking down on me. This new one I type on now is a Lenovo, my second time to have one (made by IBM) and I like it! Each brand seem to have their own little advantages, but right now “just working” makes me happy! 🙂 And thanks to Daniel who transferred everything from my old to new computer so that I continue working as if on the same computer!

And only with a laptop can I get back to designing a new photo book coming! 🙂 Plus this frog post is my last from Villa Lapas, so tomorrow I’m back to posts from my garden again. 🙂

¡Pura Vida!

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