4 Local Birding Hikes

Local hikes this December-January 2023-24 with a birding friend from British Columbia . . . Here’s a linked small gallery for each, represented with one photo from each and the linked date & place headings (or the photo) to go to that gallery . . .

December 19 – Calle Nueva, Atenas

Lesson’s Motmot on Calle Nueva, Atenas, Costa Rica.

January 9 – Highway 707, Atenas

Inca Dove, Highway 707, Atenas, Costa Rica – 
NOTE: The featured photo of a Keel-billed Toucan was also photographed on Highway 707, Atenas

January 11 – Chucás Hydroelectric Dam, Atenas

Muscovy Duck, Chucás Hydroelectric Dam, Atenas, Costa Rica

January 12 – Reserva Madre Verde, Palmares

Banded Peacock Butterfly, Reserva Madre Verde, Palmares, Costa Rica –
NOTE: I photographed more butterflies than birds here! :-)

All four were good experiences and good hikes with the steepest or most uphill hiking being at Madre Verde. We saw the most birds on Hwy 707 in Atenas though I lost nearly half my photos and the gallery doesn’t show all we saw. Margaret probably got photos of more than 25 species there, which for locals who don’t use highway numbers, it is the road between Cruz Roja and Hacienda Atenas. I got my most butterfly shots at Madre Verde where we heard dozens of birds but could not see or photograph because of the thick forest and too many leaves and limbs hiding them! This is another example of FINDING NATURE CLOSE TO HOME! :-) And I’m thankful we have warm weather year around here, unlike my friends to the north who are freezing right now! :-)

¡Pura Vida!

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  1. Charlie, I found lots of nature right at you home when I visited. Are the birds still flying in front of your porch?

    1. You are right about back then, but not as many birds in my garden now. As I slow down on the travels I’m thinking about adding 3 different type of feeders, but that is a daily refill job and I’m still debating on that! 🙂

      Some say that the fewer birds this year is due to the El Niño hotter weather or I think it could be the more and bigger winds we are having. But for whatever the reason, I’m seeing fewer birds in my yard now. Thus the local or nearby hikes helps me to get more species! And sometimes more butterflies too! 🙂

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