Christmas Parade Atenas 2023

See all the good photos in the GALLERY: 2023 Christmas Parade Atenas. And to introduce the gallery, here’s 5 shots from the 4 sub-galleries . . .

Saint Nicholas mingles with the audience from sub-gallery “audience shots”
The usual broad selection of marching bands seen in bands sub-gallery:
One of many dancing groups from the dance gallery:
An electrified dancer from the national electric company also in the dance gallery:
A Children’s float photo used as the Feature Photo at top from “Others” sub-gallery:

Now check out the gallery for all the good photos from this year’s parade! 2023 Christmas Parade Atenas

¡Pura Vida!

¡Feliz Navidad!

6 Replies to “Christmas Parade Atenas 2023”

    1. It was between two of the bands but don’t remember how early. It was the NES entry with just one dancer wired, I assume with battery-operated lights. I was south of the court house and in poor light for many entries, but that darkness was good for this one! 🙂 Thats near Iguanas Restaurant where the parade sort of begins, so I could finish earlier! 🙂

    1. And thank you for keeping up with me on the blog Reagan! It is just a small town Christmas Parade and they are starting to do things I don’t care for as I mentioned above to Steve. Christmas is a big part of the culture here! And it is summer vacation time for many who get one to two weeks off work at Christmas! The hotel I will visit this Christmas will probably have as many if not more Ticos there than tourists! 🙂

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