2023 Independence Day Parade, Atenas

This past Friday was the 15th of September, Independence Day for Costa Rica, when in 1821 it shed the colonial rule of Spain. In this small but very significant little developing country, patriotism is big and almost everyone wears red, white & blue and many decorate their houses with banners and flags. I wore my national futbol (soccer) shirt, red, white & blue! 🙂

And almost every town of any size has a parade, usually featuring their local schools, and Atenas is no exception! 🙂 I have for several years now been photographing it most years (when not traveling) with galleries for those years included in my super-gallery: PEOPLE, FIESTAS & ARTS Costa Rica. Which of course now includes a gallery for this year’s 2023 Desfile del Día de la Independencia, Atenas. And here is a sample photo from each of the 7 sub-galleries in this year’s parade gallery . . .


Flags are a big part of this parade. Click image to see more flags.

Children in Historical Dress

All Primary School children wear the historic clothing of their ancestors. Click image to see more children.


Traditional Spanish Dancing is a part of the culture. Click image to see more.


Drumming is a big thing in Costa Rica, especially for boys. Click image for more photos.


The other major instrument in the school bands is the Xylophone. Click image to see more photos.


Finally the “Miscellaneous” included things like this little adult band and a boy hopping down the street on a Pogo Stick! 🙂 Click image to see more miscellaneous.


Sometimes the people in the audience make interesting photos too! 🙂 Click image to see more.

¡Pura Vida!

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    1. Thanks Ellen! Although nature is my main focus, I started the blog as a report on living as a retiree in Costa Rica and of course local celebrations are a big part of that! And they are fun and colorful too! 🙂

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