Art Gallery Coming Behind Calle 2 Boat!

Calle 2 Plaza is under construction and could open within the next month or so! One of the 5 shops will now be a new Atenas Art Gallery, the name of which can’t be published until it is registered. So keep reading this blog for more information and see photos of the under construction Calle 2 Plaza and its flower murals below these first two shots . . .

Old land-locked boat on Calle 2, Atenas between Linea Vital & Calle 2.
7 of the 10 local artists opening a new art gallery in Calle 2 Plaza. Meeting here at the gallery location.

Flower Murals on Surrounding Walls

Art Gallery Cooperative Space in Calle 2 Plaza

Calle 2 Plaza Under Construction

NOTE: Our neighbors directly south of us on Calle 2 in this order are: Linea Vital Medical Clinic, Peluquería Colombianos, Pizzeria La Finca, Crema y Nata Bakery & Restaurant and El Rayo Tienda. Good neighbors!

¡Pura Vida!

Keep reading this blog for more updated information soon! 🙂

8 Replies to “Art Gallery Coming Behind Calle 2 Boat!”

    1. Thanks Bonnie! It will be a lot of work but also a lot of fun and I think we have the possibility of being a successful business. And in addition to the 10 artists who will clerk or work at the gallery (and pay the rent) with our work in the large room, we will have a smaller room for “non-member” artists to sell their work on consignment and already have enough volunteers to more than fill that room! 🙂 We looked at several older buildings and less inviting places, but this new building with the colorful murals surrounding it and even an old boat left by someone and painted nicely adds to the appeal of the place. Now we just need to get the local people in a small town to come to the art gallery! 🙂

  1. Fantastic!
    Talk about an inviting place to visit! That image should draw lots of visitors. Best luck to all of you!
    Ellen and Charlie

    1. Thanks so much Susan! We’ve been a long time finding the “right place” and I believe this is it! And I’m expecting success! Hope you come back to visit sometime! We miss you in Atenas! ~Charlie 🙂

  2. Muy buena iniciativa, felicidades, será un éxito. – – Casa de la Cultura de Atenas.
    -INARTES. CR. Instituto Nacional de Las Artes.
    -ADE. Asociación de Desarrollo específica de Cultura Atenas.
    -Artista Visual Ileana Cubero. Apoyamos 100%, esta hermosa gestión. ADELANTE.

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