Late-blooming Nance Tree

Or was the other one an “early bloomer?” 🙂 Both the Nance Tree and the Maraca Flowers on the front slope of my house have finished blooming while the ones back of my house (up hill) are just now blooming. Maybe the difference is morning sun (back) and afternoon sun (front) or I’m just fortunate to have them blooming at different times of the year! 🙂

A Guatemala website tells Mayan stories of this tree that they question, while a produce website tells about the uses of the berries and the Wikipedia site has a great general summary about the tree and its fruits and uses. I tried to eat a raw berry once and did not care for it. All 3 of my trees are harvested by birds only and at two different times of the year!

Nance Tree Flower, Atenas, Costa Rica

You can see a few green berries in the upper right corner of the next photo which will turn yellow when ripe . . .

Nance Tree Flower & Berries, Atenas, Costa Rica
Nance Tree Flower, Atenas, Costa Rica

¡Pura Vida!

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