Dry Season Waterfall

There is not a lot of water in many streams during dry season, though springs provide some, and this Waterfall #5 is the biggest one during the rainy season, but not much to look at on my last morning hike down the steep path to see it. Of course there is a much larger and nicer falls at Arenal Observatory Lodge and even better are the 3 giant falls at El Silencio Lodge in Bajó del Toro, but still I like all waterfalls, so here’s 4 shots of a little one from this morning.  🙂


Waterfall #5, Xandari Costa Rica

Waterfall #5, Xandari Costa Rica. In rainy season that rock wall is not visible for all the water.
Waterfall #5, Xandari Costa Rica – First sight when you come down the trail to it.
Waterfall #5, Xandari Costa Rica with storm-fallen tree above.

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