Eastern Tailed-Blue

This is another new butterfly species for me! And in my own gardens! 🙂  Eastern Tailed-Blue, Cupido comyntas (linked to butterfliesandmoths website). Like the other blues, it is very tiny, literally “thumbnail sized.” These tiny ones stay mostly in the grass and are very skittish, so I can’t get close-ups, but rather shoot with my telephoto lens and do a pretty big crop to make it visible for the viewer. Like many other butterflies, the top view and folded-wings view are totally different. Below are my shots of both and then you might want to see my gallery of other blues and tiny butterflies like Hairstreaks in my
Lycaenidae – GOSSAMER-WINGS Gallery.

Eastern Tailed-Blue, Atenas, Costa Rica
Eastern Tailed-Blue, Atenas, Costa Rica

¡Pura Vida!

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    1. Yes Ellen! And I’ve only recently discovered these tiniest of butterflies like this one in the “Lycaenidae or GOSSAMER-WINGS” family of butterflies, mainly “Blues” like this one and the more intricate “Hairstreaks.” Plus I’ve found several “thumbnail sized” butterflies in the family of “Riodinidae or METALMARKS” that are equally astounding. And the third family with tiny ones is surprisingly the “Nymphalidae or BRUSHFOOTS” which are mostly large butterflies like the Monarch, but includes a good number of tiny “Satyrs” and a few tiny “Crescents.” My studies of butterflies is now equaling my interest in birds here in Costa Rica. See some of these other tiny ones in my butterflies gallery which is arranged by families: https://charliedoggett.smugmug.com/Butterflies-Moths

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