Disappearing Wildlife

Even in green Costa Rica we are seeing the results of habitat destruction, climate change and thus the decreases in wildlife.

Clay-colored Thrush or Yigüirro in CR Spanish, the national bird here.

This year has exhibited fewer birds in my gardens and neighborhood than any other in my 8 years here. Some blame it on the much heavier rain this year (climate change). I don’t know for sure, but yesterday I searched my garden diligently and found only three birds within camera distance and even one of those, just barely! We must act or lose the necessary wildlife in our world!

CLICK image to see full-width & larger – the 3 birds I saw yesterday . . .

It is imperative that we plant more trees and work at “rewilding” our planet before it is too late! Birdlife International posted an interesting article today (from a birders viewpoint) that you might like . . .

How to make more wildlife come back

He did not give all the answers, but I hope it will help one or two of you who read it to become more aware of the urgency of saving our wild world before there is none left. The so-called “canary in the mine” has already died my friends, with species going extinct almost monthly now. It is getting critical!


¡Pura Vida!

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  1. I agree, Charlie!
    The rampant use of pesticides and herbicides is accelerating greatly the loss of wildlife in Costa Rica. Without insects, the birds lose a main food source, and on and on down the chain of life we lose species. Plus, water sources are polluted and the food we eat, leading to our own demise as humans.

    Whatever we can do to encourage people not to use herbicides and pesticides, but rather use natural methods, will help.

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