Yesterday’s Parade

Yesterday, 15 September, was Costa Rica’s Independence Day Celebration nation-wide including here in Atenas. I worked into the night processing my many photos and selecting choice ones for my photo gallery titled in Spanish this time :

2022 Desfile del Día de la Independencia, Atenas

Here’s my favorite portrait of one of the two UTN Cowboys on horses followed by just 2 photos from each of the 8 sub-galleries in the above gallery (including one with the above guy’s horse) . . .

See his horse in one of the following photos!

As always, CLICK an image to see it full-width and larger, plus the 8 headings are the 8 sun-gallery titles, linked to that sub-gallery.



Other Musical Instruments


UTN Cowboy Ropers

Misc. Parade Shots

Children Viewing Parade

Other Parade Viewers

Independence Day Parade, Atenas, Costa Rica

Overall it was a very good parade and the first in three years thanks to Covid, so it was pleasant to see lots of people out and enjoying a beautiful, sunny morning and colorful parade. It was a little smaller than some of the past Independence Day parades with not as many schools from our surrounding smaller towns and none of the private schools in Atenas participating this year. Only a very few people were wearing Covid masks and everyone seemed healthy and happy. I did not go to the Wednesday night Lantern Parade around the Central Park for Primary School children, but it was held as before on the eve of Independence Day. I expect that the Christmas Parade will be much bigger this year after two years absence. The old Atenas is coming back to life! 🙂

Enjoy it now through my photos!

¡Pura Vida!

2022 Desfile del Día de la Independencia, Atenas

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    1. Thanks a lot John! It means even more from someone like you who is such a good professional photographer! And great to hear from you! Hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying life as much as me! 🙂

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