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I’ve already done so many posts with photos from Chachagua Rainforest that I decided to lump these miscellaneous “other wildlife” together, especially since most are not great quality photos. Note that I saw Agoutis and Coatis but they were shyer of people there and thus no photos. Below is a gallery of 10 photos of 9 different animals with 2 shots of the fish with front-end and back-end in different shots! 🙂 So those receiving email notice will start with at least one photo, here’s an unusual spider you might like . . .

Unidentified Spider

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¡Pura Vida!

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And How Do I Rate Chachagua Rainforest Hotel?

I don’t do stars or that sort of ranking, but have ranked CR Hotels & Lodges on the number of bird species I’ve photographed there. At 26 species it would be 20th on my last ranking list which is where my second visit to Rancho Naturalista was and it is suppose to be a pure birding lodge, so 26 is not bad! But it’s not my favorite which is still Maquenque Lodge in Boca Tapada and second favorite is Arenal Observatory (which is very near Chachagua).

At my age (81) I also consider comfort and services for my trips now and Chachagua is okay there but again not the best I’ve visited in Costa Rica. The cabins are too close together, like you can hear the conversations next door! And they have poor lighting in the cabin so that it is dark all the time, even in the middle of the day. Of course not having sunshine much my week is a part of that, but a good lighting contractor could brighten up those rooms.

All the staff were friendly and helpful, especially the younger ones (like most everywhere in Costa Rica). My only staff disappointment was one of the older waiters who talked me out of ordering a filet minion for a tenderloin instead and it was terrible! All other food and food service was good if not great.

My only other complaints related to the trails. Not enough trail markers and direction signs and the trail map they give you is not readable without a large magnifying glass. 🙂

For overall comfort and top service (not counting birds), I think I would have a tie between El Silencio Lodge in Bajo del Toro and Xandari Resort in Alajuela. They are my top two for best food and most comfortable rooms and excellent service.

Overall I had a great week at Chachagua and got a lot of photos even though cloudy most of the week. After all, it is a rainforest! 🙂 And I got one lifer bird, three lifer butterflies and a new-to-me fungus that blooms only once a year! All great finds plus some nice dragonflies and damselflies. 🙂

¡Pura Vida!

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