People Watching in Quiet Town

I occasionally have a morning coffee and pastry in a little café upstairs above Canario Supermercado which is in the row of businesses across the street from the Atenas Central Mercado or the “every day farmers’ market” and bus station. Saturday sees this street packed with people but on a weekday morning it was quite tranquil!

I drank my coffee by a glass window overlooking the street and Central Mercado and the main taxi stand in town. It reminded me of a similar place in Serrekunda, The Gambia where I did the same thing but with larger throngs of people to watch. 🙂 Here’s 4 photos at different times during my coffee break . . .

A lady crosses the street after visiting the many shops on this side of the street.
As a moto goes by (motorcycles are called motos here), a video crew is entering the poultry shop across the street to make a promotional video I assume. Note the red taxi just below me in line at the main taxi stand in Atenas on this side of street.
Two taxistas chat with a third one in his car while they wait for customers.
Left to right the shop with REY is 3 Sisters Soda (café), shop with sunflower stickers on windows is a Macrobiotica or shop that sells vitamins and health food additives, then the next shop with red header and guy with his arms behind his back is the poultry shop, then the entrance to indoor farmers market, bus station and collection of many sodas or places to eat. In addition to fresh vegetables and meats, the mercado has a watch & clock repair shop where I get unusual batteries, a shoe store, and behind it all is a sewing supply shop! And the necessary baño or public restrooms! 🙂 Plus in the central garden patio a statue of Mary.

¡Pura Vida!

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