African Tulip Tree

There are several African Tulip Trees (Wikipedia Link) in Roca Verde which I have highlighted before with their bright orange flowers, but the one on the hill above me is such a bright spot, it is hard to not keep featuring it! 🙂 Another sign that summer is beginning.

African Tulip Tree

You will notice that this particular tree has Bougainvillea growing in it (which I would never allow if it were my tree!) and I learned something interesting about Bougainvillea from my Spanish teacher last week. The Spanish name used in Costa Rica and some other Central American countries is “las veraneras” as a derivative of “verano” the Spanish word for summer or “summer flower” if you please. 🙂 While North Americans use the French name Bougainvillea, Mexico & Nicaragua say “la bugambillia” (sorta sounds French) and a few Central Americans call it “el Napoleón.” Languages can be so interesting and so different and revealing as I’m learning also in my current book read, Cloud Cuckoo Land. 🙂

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