Tropical Kingbird as a Tropical Painting

When I was selling photos under the name “Nature As Art” I would say that I paint with my camera and always tried to formulate in my mind through the camera lens an idea with simplicity, leading lines, contrasts, shapes and balance creating a type of “painting” with many of my photos. Yesterday’s “Melodious Morning” is a good example and in someway today’s photo of the Tropical Kingbird (eBird) sitting on a branch of the tropical Bougainvillea is another. I prefer the first image with the bird looking at us, making it more dynamic in that photo, but both images can be my tropical paintings for today! 🙂

Tropical Kingbird on Bougainvillea, Guayabo Lodge, Turrialba, Costa Rica
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Colorful Walks

This bougainvillea is in front of one of the houses I pass on one of my walk routes. This is the time of year for most bougainvillea to be at their peak in blooms and I enjoy the color on my walks! 🙂

Bougainvillea on my “Country Lane” walk, Avenida 8, Atenas, Costa Rica.

¡Pura Vida!

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Just living is not enough . . .

“Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”

~Hans Christian Andersen
Bougainvillea, Atenas, Costa Rica

From a walk in my garden with a cellphone! 🙂

I’m reading a book of all of Hans Christian Andersen’s stories now and liked this statement of his! Bougainvillea is not necessarily my favorite flower but they are at their peak of blooming right now and do add a lot of bright spots in our environment here! Everywhere! These are mine in a big pot outside on my terrace by the driveway between my Desert Rose and a potted Bamboo Palm. This is living! 🙂

Potted Bougainvillea, Atenas, Alajuela, Costa Rica.

¡Pura Vida!

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Colorful Neighbors

African Tulip Tree on hill above my house.

On the hill above my little casita are blooming some brilliant orange African Tulip Trees (an immigrant or invasive species?) and above those the ever-present pink-to-purple bougainvillea which I see here through the limbs of my Guarumo or Cecropia tree. Having “colorful neighbors” can be a plus! And colorful flowers add to my happiness!    🙂

Just living is not enough…

one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.

~Hans Christian Andersen

Flowers help boost happiness and I was just introduced to a new website that you might want to check out:    Garden & Happy     for a little boost in your happiness, try gardening!   🙂

¡Pura Vida!

Bright Flowers & Happy People

A half block uphill from the Roca Verde main gate is one of the smallest and poorest houses in Boqueron Barrio.
But in front of the little house is this beautiful array of bougainvillea that blooms the most in dry season. 
 And behind it is the happy chatter and laughter of little children, some on summer vacation from school.
Atenas, Costa Rica 

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And I just became aware of the new website for our Su Espacio Spanish Atenas Classes.  Nice!


Ship That Ran Aground in Manzanillo, near where I spent a week a year ago September.  It could have been weather or a sloppy boat captain (doesn’t say), but it looks like some heavy work will be needed to get it back out to sea. Click the photo in article to see it enlarged.

Paddling Across the Gulf of Nicoya is an interesting article about a group of all ages of Ticos who used paddle boards to paddle across the 17 mile wide Gulf of Nicoya near where I will be vacationing during Christmas. Here paddle boarding has become a popular substitute for  surfing, especially for novices or as surfers get older, though this trip was in the relatively calm waters of a bay in the morning, 5-11 am as opposed to the open Pacific Ocean where some people use them.



Five Things People Will Say When You Tell Them You’re Moving Abroad   (Other than “You’re crazy.”)

As a non-member of “InterNations” it will take you to a join page where you just click “Maybe Later” and then it takes you to the article. Some of the 5 things you face in this article are more true for younger persons still employed and planning to work overseas, but generally what lots of Americans will ask/say to everyone moving. Somebody asked me every one of these questions before my move.  🙂  
And somewhere nearer the beginning of this blog, 2014-2015, I tried to answer every one of them. 

A Walk In the Garden!

Step into my main garden from the driveway or back door of house.
Surrounded by the trees and other flowers of neighbors.
You know you are in a tropical place!

Out my backdoor you are greeted by a pottery bird garden-art by Anthony.
Anthony Jeroski will soon be moving into the house across the driveway since
Don & Lynda just moved back to the states. Anthony & I have plans for
a garden-art bird nest made of wood & wire that will feature a glass egg
made by my Nashville friend Kevin Hunter. I think you will like it Kevin!

Here a garden is really your whole yard and terrace and that is true for me.
With watering during the dry season, my “front yard” jungle has grown,
especially the Cecropia or Guarumo tree, many palms & flowers on a slope.

One is a Nance Tree which by July will have little yellow fruits I can eat! 

Bougainvillea is blooming on my terrace and down below on the slope.
There was not one here when I came and I consider it the quintessential
tropical flower I got used to in Florida and The Gambia. I have two now! 

Once de Abril Planta or 11th of April Plant is what my gardener calls it.
It is becoming very tall and full shrub, adding to my privacy screen and
it blooms year around with seasonal yellow berries that birds eat quickly.
It is one of my favorite plants and was a surprise gift from my gardener.
The 11th of April is Juan Santamaria Day, our only war hero.
He was the drummer boy who stopped the American Walker from taking
over Costa Rica as his personal slave state.
Click image for larger view.

The largest of my 4 Heliconia plants.

The brightest of my Heliconia plants.

The smallest of my Heliconia plants.
And the most prolific of the 4 Heliconia plants.
It greets you at the driveway next to the Plumbago.
Red Ginger is all over my garden & prolific.

Lantanas are my border and called multiple things here. Grow fast!
I have to cut them back regularly or they become shrubs!
That is something like a Florida White Butterfly here today.

A type of Petunia that blooms abundantly every morning, then by
mid-afternoon the blooms have all dropped to the ground.
More the next morning! Year-around. 

Flame Vine in English or Triquitraque in Spanish which
literally means “firecracker” in Spanish
Flame Vine or Triquitraque
Plumbago is beautiful and my most prolific bloomer. My background plant.
But it grows so fast I have to cut it back every few months, losing some color.
But it blooms year-around and especially on the new growth after trimming.

“Crown of Thorns” is what Lynda called it.
I bought at Don & Lynda’s Moving Sale.

Aloe Vera – I’m always ready for burn! 🙂

Sorry I made so many photos this morning! And that is not all of my garden! 🙂  I love it!

And this is very near the end of the dry season, meaning we have had no rain since November. I water most everything every two days. It is work but worth it! I even have green grass which is rare here this time of year. And it has been especially hot this summer or dry season. So my garden has been a lot of work! That is what it takes to have a piece of paradise! As Rudyard Kipling says . . .

“Gardens are not made by singing ‘Oh, how beautiful!’ and sitting in the shade.” 
― Rudyard Kipling, Complete Verse

Stumbled Upon Yesterday’s Tree

Pink trumpet tree or Roble de sabana
My apartment complex entrance is 100 meters to the left

Walking back from town today I suddenly realized I was walking across the street from the tree I posted yesterday as shot from my balcony. It is located just after I duck my head to walk under this bougainvillea over the sidewalk (photo below). I’ll try to create an album of neighborhood flowers soon. There are many!

Bougainvillea Arch over Atenas Sidewalk
“The earth laughs in flowers.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson