Palm Tree!

On “Shady Lane” 8th Ave. Extension, Atenas, Costa Rica

¡Pura Vida!

Experiencing “Extreme Weather” here . . .

“EXTREME” WEATHER? — Well . . . it seems that way to me, even as our Winter winds down to begin Summer sometime in December (already much less rain). Since May it has been 16° or 17° C which for you Americans is 60-62° F every night and early morning which feels “freezing cold” 🙂 to most of us in Costa Rica – not normal, even for our rainy season winter! I have for the first winter here slept under two (2) blankets every night! Hopefully soon no blankets will be needed. 🙂 And daytime? Well that has been more “normal” (20’s-30’s°C or 70’s-80’s°F) or very comfortable until the afternoon rains come with any wind, then the wind makes it cold even in the daytime. 🙂 It would be difficult to re-adapt to the snow and ice up north! 🙂

Some people don’t seem to realize that “global warming” is affecting all the weather extremes and not just making it hotter everywhere. Plus they say here that this year’s “niño” currents in the Pacific as opposed to the more normal “niña” currents is also helping make it colder here this year. But thankfully no storms or hurricanes! 🙂

¡Pura Vida!

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