Park Renovation Continues

Soon after the Covid Pandemic started in March of 2020 the regular work on renovating the Central Park of Atenas slowed and then stopped in October 2020. I don’t know, but guessing they ran out of money or the pandemic caused a reduction of tax income or something like that for the city. There has been no work on the park renovation for more than a year. Well, this week it started up again!

First I noticed the tin fence around a small triangle of the park between two sidewalks at the corner opposite Olivera Pizza and between the City Hall and Banco Nacional.

View across old park while standing in street in front of Banco Nacional or the North side of park.

As I walked around the fence to see what was going on inside the fence, I stopped at the very Northwest corner of park opposite Olivera Pizza:

Looking Southeast from the Northwest corner opposite Olivera Pizza.

Rounding the corner a dump truck was leaving the area, maybe hauling away old trees or dirt? I did not see:

Truck leaving work site opposite City Hall, a Boutique and University Extension.

Then I stepped across the street to the City Hall for a broader view:

View from the City Hall.

Next I walk into the fence opening to see what they are doing inside and I’m still not sure! 🙂 A group of people in business attire to my right, possibly city employees, were looking at the area and discussing something:

All I could tell is that they had removed all of the old, ugly trees that were in this corner. That building opposite the fence is Banco Nacional still in red, white & blue bunting for Independence Day.

I will continue to watch and photograph this area as progress happens and I can get in. It is good to know that the grand plans for a new Central Park are again being worked on in some way. Keep reading this blog for updates and if you are a new reader (several lately) you can see my gallery of earlier updates on the renovation of Central Park Atenas started in 2018. I can no longer find the city’s FB Page of architectural drawings of the new park, so here are some I copied earlier for a blog post, but I cannot identify for sure this section in the drawings, but indicate what I think based on a current historical object now in that section.

Because of the children’s playground, the upper pix seems to be the Northeast corner or opposite corner from this current work. The lower pix I have no idea on.
That upper right pix with couple reading a map or brochure in front of a monument with a round ball may be this section, because that round ball historical marker is currently in this section of the park.
The above “Kiosko” is finished except for the ceiling art and people are sitting and visiting right now just like in this drawing, except they are wearing masks now. No big concerts or fiestas yet. We do not assemble here as a Covid precaution. We have a higher percentage vaccinated than the U.S. now and fewer Covid deaths percentage-wise. People take it seriously here and thus we all benefit! 🙂

¡Pura Vida!

And there are Atenas Galleries! 🙂

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