Seen on The Beach

This trip was much more of a “Beach Holiday” for me than most of my trips to or near the beaches of Costa Rica. I’m usually on side trips to national parks or wildlife refuges to photograph nature almost every day. But needing to rest this time, I haven’t left the hotel and thus I spent a lot of time on the beach or overlooking it from my balcony. And of course photographing much! 🙂

With a telephoto lens I did photograph a few interesting people from a distance but decided to give them their privacy and not include in this collection of just nature things I saw on the beach near Hotel Banana Azul, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica. Below is my straight-ahead view from the hotel chase-lounge chair on the beach and below that a slide show of 16 other interesting things I saw on the beach including “A Dragon’s Head” (if you have an imagination!) 🙂 And this doesn’t include the sunrises from the beach every morning which are in separate daily posts.

My view from under the beach umbrella!

There’s a lot to see on a beach walk . . .

¡Pura Vida!

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  1. Charlie,
    It’s so peaceful to see the world thru your eyes. I look forward to seeing what you will “see” next.
    It sounds like you are still in a resting mode, as part of the over 80 crowd, that only makes sense. Bruce & I are older than you!
    The hills of TN are beautiful and so are the wildflowers growing in our backyard. We are visited by deer, foxes, raccoons, possums and we have a box turtle that we see once or twice each summer.
    Thanks for sharing you new home with all of us.
    Bonnie M.

    1. Thanks Bonnie and you caught the right word, “see.” It is all about seeing the world around us wherever we live!

      And Tennessee is certainly not short on nature or beauty! 🙂 You probably know that I visited all 54 TN State Parks before I left and many of the “Natural Areas.” I have a photo gallery of all my Tennessee Travels at:
      And the State Park book is at:

      And Nashville’s Greenways have to be some of the best in the nation! So in some ways I miss that different kind of nature from here – but not too much! 🙂 The overall change of countries has been good for me in many ways and now I’m shifting gears again into a slower paced “over 80” mode of living which is a much more difficult change for me, but again it’s good! 🙂

  2. All of these pictures are so wonderful, but I especially love the Sea & Sky! It’s like looking across the world in that never-ending sea!

    1. Thanks Bonnie! And I’m found of that image too! For the same reasons! 🙂 For Christmas week I will be on a hill overlooking the Pacific, so more of that kind of photo. There are so many kinds of beauty to behold or just look at! 🙂 Have a great week in Missouri!

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