“Country Lane” – The Road

“Country Lane” is in quotes because it’s my personal name for the extension of 8th Avenue Atenas through what has been farm land but getting more houses. It ends as a gravel road at Radial 27 Highway across from the Farmer’s Market. I’ve shared photos of many things along this road but maybe not just the road itself, so here are my shots of the actual road in different locations. For more photos of one of my walking places, see the gallery titled: “Country Lane” – Avenida 8. Walking is sweet! 🙂

“Country Lane” – 8th Avenue, Atenas

And a slide show of the road from Saturday’s walk . . .

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.

~John Muir

¡Pura Vida!

2 Replies to ““Country Lane” – The Road”

    1. Steve, that’s great! and I can show you some other good walks close by like the RV Phase 1 circle over the hill and back, plus Calle Nueve almost within sight of your house but more complicated to get to, yet an even more rural or “country” walk.

      Glad to see you putting “winter” in quotes because you know it is the opposite here. You will be here in our “summer” and right now we are experiencing our Costa Rica Winter or Rainy Season and in my 7 years here it is the coldest one yet! Two blankets on bed at night and windows closed. The coldest yet for me.

      Looking forward to having you as a neighbor.

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