My World From Above This Week

When I checked in the hotel yesterday I was kind of hoping they would put me in the same Room 109 again because I really liked it last week. But I was assigned 407 which is 4 floors above and one room left of last week’s room. Wow! I like it better!

I like looking at the world from above and these photos show that difference, but also I am closer to the top of the big tree where more birds hang out, like parrots! And yes, the first afternoon I got some or one, but that will be another post, maybe tomorrow! And look below at how much better the mother bird and babies show up from above! ¡Pura Vida! 🙂

From my room & balcony, 407.

See the mother bird with babies from above in more photos . . .

Mother Yigüirro & Babies, San Jose, Costa Rica
The Breakfast Garden at Best Western San Jose, Costa Rica
And maybe best of all, I’m closer to top of tree where I’ve already seen parrots!

Due to a Covid Spike – No Restaurants Open!

I had already heard that the government was going back to stricter Covid restrictions because the hospitals were filling again. It did not dawn on me until I checked in yesterday afternoon and the clerk said “You do know that all restaurants/bars in San Jose are closed until at least May 9 and maybe longer?” That is for dine-in customers. Take out and delivery is still allowed as it was with the previous closings, meaning I can call many restaurants for delivery to the hotel if I wish.

And at this hotel Denny’s won the “Room Service” gig and I have already been given their menu and all I have to do is dial a room service number and place my order with a hotel guest 10% Discount Code, then my food will be quickly brought to my room where I can eat it, though I will probably eat on the balcony. Nice! I only eat twice a day – the hotel’s free breakfast and an early dinner.

No complaints from me on this arrangement! 🙂 PLUS the “by reservation only,” Covid-spaced, hotel free breakfast is legal with the Ministry of Health. Our plates and drinks are brought to us – no typical buffet! And they do a very good breakfast with tables 2 meters or more apart! How sweet it is! 🙂 Suffering through the pandemic while getting cancer treatment. 🙂 What a memorable adventure!

Don’t tell me you can’t travel during a pandemic! Plus I’ve had both my vaccination shots, so I’m quite comfortable staying here in San Jose and now eating in my room. 🙂 And watching the very few tourists using the pool in a near-empty hotel.

¡Pura Vida!

6 Replies to “My World From Above This Week”

  1. Charlie I love your picture of the mother bird and babies! How wonderful that you can watch them grow. I’m sorry to hear there is a covid spike but I am so very thankful to know you have had both of your vaccinations. You can relax, enjoy room service and all the bird life in that beautiful huge tree!

    1. Thanks Bonnie and I am enjoying it all! In tomorrow’s post I grumble about all the little responsibilities that take so much time, but overall I have a very good life here! Even while getting cancer treatment. 🙂

  2. Hello, I love the photo of the baby birds! You have lovely view from your balcony. Sounds like you have a good plan for enjoying meals. God bless you during your treatment, Mildred

    1. Thanks Mildred, and I guess everyone loves babies! 🙂 Even baby birds! 🙂 And I am thankful to go through radiation therapy with some good food safely away from Covid. Within the battles there are always some blessings! 🙂

  3. Love the photo of mama bird and babies, as well as your new “perch.” Great viewing station.

    Good that you can get “room service” under the circumstances. Must admit that when I traveled on business–usually away a week at a time–I tried to stay in places where I had my own mini-kitchen or at least a fridge and microwave. I would locate a grocery store upon arrival to stock up which saved me having to go to restaurants every day. Especially helpful when one was exhausted after a day of work. Hope it doesn’t prove too tiring for you.

    1. Thanks Mary! – – – for your encouragement and for enjoying some of the same things I do, like the baby birds! 🙂

      And the meal situation while in the hotel is working out great for me at this time and I’m safe from Covid.

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