Nest of Baby Yigüirros

I knew when I saw that huge tree outside my room that I would have a good chance of seeing birds even though it was windy much of this first week, but finding a nest of baby birds is always an extra treat. First I saw this Yigüirro (local Spanish name) or Clay-colored Thrush (English name) flying into the joint of a sawed-off limb on the tree. After further examination through my telephoto camera lens, and several shots of only the mother sitting on the nest, I managed to get a few shots of the babies’ open mouths and then watch the mother regularly return with food for them. Fun. I’ve asked the hotel to keep me in a room by the tree next week and beyond so I can continue to watch this little family grow. 🙂

Mother Yigüirro feeding her babies.
An Adult Yigüirro or Clay-colored Thrush at Breakfast Garden.
Their Home – The big tree seen here from my room.

Having these nature experiences helps me better bear the tiredness and other side effects of radiation treatments. Glad I’m staying at that hotel! I’m home now, Friday-Sunday night and start again Monday. Just 28 more days to go! 🙂

¡Pura Vida!

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  1. I look forward to more photos of these birds. The tree is lovely and yes, a real blessing to have this view during these difficult days. Praying for you. Mildred

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