Big Tree & Tropical Gardens

I am so glad I chose this Best Western Plus San Jose over the two other options, if for no other reason, for the beautiful surroundings. I’m including two galleries below, one of landscapes and one of flowers, with more about the hotel itself in another post. The feature photo is the big tree from the breakfast dining patio (also seen from my room) and the shot below is from the Jacuzzi.

View from the Jacuzzi

The Gardens


In my earlier days of traveling back in the States, I generally avoided most Best Western Inns, as just cheap motels (with some specific exceptions then) and this is one of those “exceptions,” which they claim the “Plus” in their name indicates it is upscale and in this case a conference center hotel with 3 restaurants plus more restaurants in the area, a Gold’s Gym next door for hotel guest use, and a casino that doesn’t interest me, but it does some people. So far the service and food has been very good. The biggest restaurant is a 24/7 Denny’s promoting “American Food.” But it is the gardens that I like best. 🙂

A White-winged Dove is the only bird who can handle today’s winds in the garden

And today I got my second radiation treatment, in and our of there in 15 minutes or less and a nice walk between the clinic and the hotel. Plus I’ve also discovered a nearby Mega Super grocery store and a nice little farmacia, so I’m settling in for the long-haul in the Uruca neighborhood of San Jose. 🙂

¡Pura Vida!

4 Replies to “Big Tree & Tropical Gardens”

  1. Charlie, if you have to have radiation . . . go in style. Your pictures of your lodging facility are beautiful. Your radiation mask is not. It looks like something from the movie, “Silence of the Lambs.”

    E and I continue to pray for you. Each day. Early morning.

    1. Well Larry, I’m a pretty silent little lamb when they screw me down on that table, and I don’t move a muscle! 🙂 Maybe tomorrow I’ll get one of the young technicians to make a photo of me on the table.

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