Earth Day Hope

Wherever there are birds, there is hope.”

~Mehmet Murat ildan

And of course this is just one of the many birds who have brought hope to my terrace here in Atenas, Costa Rica – A Keel-billed Toucan in my Cecropia Tree (link to my Keel-billed Gallery). There is hope that the big rich nations are waking up to global warming and their long-time destruction of our planet. And there’s hope in the battle against my destructive cancer. Below is my update of activities that finally make it possible to begin Radiotherapy Monday.

Second Covid Shot this Morning

Quick and painless. I walk into the temporary vaccination clinic ahead of my 8 AM appointment, paperwork done quickly with shot even quicker and I was out of there before my appointment time. 🙂 I walked home, having taken a taxi to the clinic. With my knee no longer hurting I’m back into walking more and hopefully every day during radiation, though I will have to wear the big wide-brimmed hat they tell me! I must avoid sun during radiation.

Tomorrow Morning Stitches Removed

Tomorrow (Friday) morning at 9 AM I see my Ophthalmologist in San Jose who will remove the two stitches from my left eyelid and supposedly this is going too help me use my left eye for longer periods of time without an eye patch. So far I’ve gone up to 6 to 8 hours at a time without covering it. Reading tires it out more than general activities like kitchen work or even a little TV. I seldom watch more than an hour a day, if that much. For Earth Day I found a special on the internet streaming channel Curiosity Stream for wonderful nature documentaries and signed up for a year at just $10 or $2 more than one month of Netflix here. I will probably drop Netflix again. Seen all their documentaries I care about and the rest is mostly junk.

Got off subject there! 🙂 I assume the eyelid will stay partly closed now when the stitches are removed since she did something to make the top and bottom grow together at one corner. But, FYI, my left eyelid will never blink again or fully close.

UPDATE: 23 April – She did not remove the stitches today. She first said she would remove just 2 of the 3, leaving one to help protect from radiation. But because she used nothing for pain, I flinched and she said she would not remove them at all for now, saying I have a “low tolerance for pain” and I think she has a low sympathy level! 🙂 She was also very painful to me at beginning of surgery. So now she will wait until after radiotherapy and try again in June. Hmmm. 🙂 Permanent stitches? — But the Good News: both eyes are doing very well and she is pleased with the surgery results. I’m already using my left eye more than 6 to 8 hours a day, so progress even if I have a low pain tolerance! 🙂

Radiation Starts Monday

This coming Monday, 26 April, I get my first radiotherapy in San Jose and daily Monday to Friday for six weeks or through June 4. They were not comfortable with all these other overlapping medical appointments plus needed the time this week to prepare for my targeted treatments. She is studying all the reports on both of my left cheek surgeries, the earlier “skin cancer” one and the big one March 15 including biopsies, etc. to help her target all remaining bits of possible cancer. My future is sort of in her skilled hands. 🙂 Dr. Bonilla is both an oncologist and radiologist and my surgeon says the best here.

I’m still bargaining with hotels near the radiation center but hoping for the Best Western with four nearby restaurants and hope to schedule that today. I plan to spend Monday to Thursday nights there and back in Atenas Friday-Sunday nights. I will be giving regular updates from San Jose starting next week which I hope will be interlaced with some nature reports also! 🙂

¡Pura Vida!

8 Replies to “Earth Day Hope”

  1. Good that you have had your second jab. After your eye appointment tomorrow, I hope you can get some rest over the weekend before your radiation therapy starts Monday. Will keep you in prayer that all goes well and that you are able to get a room at the inn…Best Western’s Inn. Take care and all the best.

    1. Thank you Mary! I believe it will all work out well. Everything just takes time. I’m kind of looking forward to the slower pace of radiotherapy. Your interest is appreciated!

  2. Keeping close tabs on you! Glad you got the second “ Fauchi ouchi”. Thankyou for continuing with your pictures and notes.
    Winter is finally over here in New Hampshire. . We are excited to see the end of winter, the end of mud season and now excitedly look forward to the next seasons: black fly, mosquito and deer fly. ??? Be well.
    Steve & Lucy

    1. Steve & Lucy,
      Thanks for continuing to keep up with what is going on with me. The next 6 weeks will probably be as predictible as your New Hampshire weather! 🙂 Depending on how much I try to see while in San Jose. I could get lazy around the hotel gardens since an early city tour including most of the “high spots” in San Jose, though I do like to repeat visit parks and museums. 🙂
      And you have to tell me how you added that Costa Rica Flag to your comment? I think they are in FB, but this is a WordPress Blog.

      1. There is a key on my iPad for imojis. I started using them when I almost lost a friendship because the recipient didn’t understand i was joking. I just googled imojis and WordPress. I am sending the screenshot via email.

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