More Raintrees

Looking out of my living room front window during a hard rain today (so glad rainy season is here!), the big tree is a Strangler Fig Tree with an unknown smaller one beside it plus a strangled one and then on this side is the tall, skinny Ylang-ylang Tree still growing up through the canopy of the larger trees. And all much wetter than the photo shows! 🙂 See also my May 11 “Rain Trees” post for a different look at wet trees! 🙂

My Front Window View in the Rain with the street a temporary river! 🙂

Plus I’m “A Marked Man” for Radiation

Yesterday I got the postponed MRI and Cat Scan plus Mask-making in preparation for radiation treatments starting next week. And one of the last things they did after making the mask (which I will photograph later) was to mark my body in three places with a black marker on tape (temporarily) to indicate where certain parts of either the mask or machine go for the starting of radiation. Then they will add some more permanent markings to guide the machines once they are programmed using info from both the MRI and the Cat Scan. I’m not able to explain it all yet, but will learn.

This one on my pale belly-chest, 2 others on my arms

I still have not been given the time for first radiotherapy, but probably Tuesday or Wednesday as the doctor has yet to program the radiation machine to target what she maps as possible cancer cells from the MRI & CT Scan. Sounds complicated. Plus Thursday they and me must balance a radiation treatment with a 4 PM eye doc appointment and the public clinic’s second Covid Vaccine Shot. Then . . . maybe it will slow down! 🙂

¡Pura Vida!

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  1. A lot going on…medical appointment musical chairs. Hoping the week’s schedule gets sorted out and that it isn’t too taxing for you.

  2. Thinking of you as you begin your radiation treatment and hoping for the best possible results for you. One day at a time …

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