First Morning, Great Backyard Bird Count

During breakfast this morning I got 7 species of birds from my terrace, but because I was eating, I photographed only one, just at the end of my time looking – The Yellow Warbler, both a migrant from the north and a resident sometimes, meaning I don’t know how to tell if this particular one is a migrant or a resident enjoying an insect for breakfast! 🙂

And the other 6 birds I saw were Great Kiskadee, Turkey Vulture, one of the Swallow species (unidentified), Tropical Kingbird, and Clay-colored Thrush or Yiqüirro.

I hope you are counting birds in your backyard this weekend and reporting to eBird!

¡Pura Vida!

4 Replies to “First Morning, Great Backyard Bird Count”

  1. Yes we count our birds every day. Today: about 24 blue jays, one cardinal couple, a dozen chickadees, several tufted titmouse, and one evening grosbeak. I Suppose it has something to do with a couple quarts of sunflower seed, 3 quarts of cracked corn and suet each day. However we observe from inside as it was 2 degrees F. This morning. Cheers

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