First Morning, Great Backyard Bird Count

During breakfast this morning I got 7 species of birds from my terrace, but because I was eating, I photographed only one, just at the end of my time looking – The Yellow Warbler, both a migrant from the north and a resident sometimes, meaning I don’t know how to tell if this particular one is a migrant or a resident enjoying an insect for breakfast! 🙂

And the other 6 birds I saw were Great Kiskadee, Turkey Vulture, one of the Swallow species (unidentified), Tropical Kingbird, and Clay-colored Thrush or Yiqüirro.

I hope you are counting birds in your backyard this weekend and reporting to eBird!

¡Pura Vida!

Great Backyard Bird Count in February

Join thousands of others around the world on February 12-15, 2021, on any one of those days, and count how many birds you see in your backyard to help science with another statistic! 🙂 Read about it on the Great Backyard Bird Count Website and/or get motivated with their short little video below:

I’ve been watching, counting and photographing birds my whole adult life. See my BIRDS Gallery for some of the photos of more than 500 species from 10 different countries with the most in Costa Rica of course! 🙂

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My Bird Count Today

The “Big Day” of Global Bird Counting was not extremely big for me. I chose the dirt country road alongside our development thinking it would have more birds as usual than around our houses, but . . . it was a little windy from 6 to 8 this morning and one of the bicycle clubs was out whizzing down our little country road which did not encourage the presence of birds. But I’m counting 12 species and a total of 50 birds, with three species not in photos below. Here’s my list for today with non-photo’d first and others alphabetically:

  • Gray-headed Chachalaca (3) not photographed.
  • Orange-chinned parakeets (12) not photographed
  • Melodious Blackbird (1) not a good photo to show here
  • A Finch or Grassquit unidentified (1)
  • Great Kiskadee (5)
  • House Wren maybe or Other wren (1)
  • Inca Dove (7)
  • Keel-billed Toucan (3)
  • Rufous-naped Wren (4)
  • Tropical Kingbird (1) – Featured Photo
  • White-lined Tanager (4)
  • White-winged Dove (8)
My little contribution to Global Big Day. 🙂

¡Pura Vida!

Bird Count Today!

Support nature which helps save the earth from the destruction of global warming — COUNT BIRDS TODAY and report them to eBird!  An account is free and you can also get a free app for your phone for easier reporting. Even if you see only one bird and report it – it counts and is important!

I will try to report later today which birds I see and report to eBird.








¡Pura Vida!

My Bird Count Today

Today is “Global Big Day” of counting birds where you live to help science better see what is happening to the health of our planet. I was out from 5:30 AM to 7:15 AM along the border between our housing project, Roca Verde, and the adjacent farms on the border-line gravel road called Calle Nueva (literally “New Street”) that serves as one emergency evacuation road from Atenas along with being a great nature walk and road for bicycles.

I’ve had better days and worse days of birding on that road, so maybe “average” is what the scientists want!   🙂   I observed at least 60 birds of more than 12 species, which is the number of species I photographed. I only report on eBird what I get photos of, which is not the typical eBird user, but I feel more confident with my reports because of that and eBird has volunteer “checkers” to make sure I labeled a bird correctly. Of my 60 seen, 30 were one flock of parakeets!   🙂

It was overcast or cloudy almost the whole time I was out, meaning poor light and white skies as terrible backgrounds most of the time! Only one photo has even a semblance of a blue sky. That’s life! There were no “lifers” or first-time birds for me, though my first time in Roca Verde to see and photograph the Rufous-capped Warbler, and the photo included here is of him “warbling!”   🙂   The name link is to my gallery with shots of this bird from 4 other locations in Costa Rica and some are better shots. And then maybe a first for me at Roca Verde is the juvenile or “immature” Yellow-faced Grassquit which at that age does not have the bright yellow on his face.

Here’s my mostly weak photos against drab skies, but they show you what I saw today:

9 May 2020 Birds

On March 29 I got 19 species of birds on this same walk on Calle Nueva.

See all of my BIRDS galleries or go for just Costa Rica Birds.

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Today is The Day!

The day for all of us to count birds where we are to help science better determine the stability of our fragile planet. Today, 9 May 2020 is GLOBAL BIG DAY of counting birds.

Find out how at:

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And after you have counted bird, check out my collection of BIRDS photographed from around the world!

And here’s an interesting NPR article shared by Larry, especially for those who are noticing their birds more – read or listen to at:

Do Those Birds Sound Louder To You? An Ornithologist Says You’re Just Hearing Things


Global Big Day on 9 May 2020

Help create a better picture of the total health of our globe by counting bird species in your yard or neighborhood THIS SATURDAY, 9 MAY 2020. Simply count the birds you see any time that day and report them to eBird. To learn more or get a free eBird account, go to:

And to help motivate you, check out my collection of BIRDS photographed from around the world!    🙂

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Health Ministry forecasts long path for return to international tourism   (Tico Times)