Unnamed Skipper

And I continue to be frustrated by the difficulty of identifying many of the Skipper Butterflies. this one is patterned similar to 3 or 4 of the longtails but does not have a long tail! The white pattern is similar to some of the Poans, but none of them have the dark brown or black pattern. If anyone knows for sure the ID, I would love to label him! 🙂 Just click CONTACT on the menu to message me with the name. ¡Muchas gracias!

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¡Pura Vida!

2 Replies to “Unnamed Skipper”

  1. Hi Charlie,
    Your blog, travels, pictures, have been faithfully followed by me for a couple of years and I am forever grateful for allowing me a peek into the exciting and glorious world of beauty through your eyes. We are anxiously awaiting November 1, when restrictions for travel from Florida to Costa Rica are removed and we can make plans to discover Costa Rica for ourselves, hopefully for a relocation to the Atenas area. We are however, “old” retirees, who are concerned of the political climate in the USA and hope to make contacts in Costa Rica with Expats in the 80′ s. Could you advise certain blogs, groups, sites, etc. so I can research online and become acquainted. Thank you for sharing your exciting life with us.

    1. Else, There are a lot of us in our 80s here and you can find the right place to live and lifestyle your prefer. However it will be much easier if you speak Spanish. I will share more details in an email to you.

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