Tanagers & Flycatchers

My last bird post from Maquenque is two of the largest and most frequently seen groups of birds – Flycatchers and the more colorful Tanagers. Enjoy! And to see all of the bird species I saw on this trip to Maquenque, go to the Maquenque 2020 BIRDS Gallery or better yet, see all my June-July 2020 Maquenque Photos! 🙂

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See my Maquenque Birds 2020 Gallery from this trip with 61 species!

See also my Costa Rica Birds Gallery. 343 species!

And for more about the place: Maquenque Eco-Lodge & Reserve Website.

Or my travel gallery Maquenque Eco-Lodge July 2020 Visit.

And a new website: Visit Boca Tapada with info on all the lodges there.

And now I’ll get back to photos and reports about life here in Atenas, Costa Rica where everyday life is far from boring! 🙂

¡Pura Vida!

2 Replies to “Tanagers & Flycatchers”

    1. Thanks Shannon Farley! And yes, it rained every day in the rainforest which makes photography less than perfect, but part of the rainforest experience! And I’m more about the experience than perfect photograph! 🙂

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