More Caution in Atenas + Dental Report

I went to the dentist this morning (report below) and afterwards the bank to pay my rent (my only monthly bill not on auto-debit which is a long story) then by the park to my pharmacy for two prescriptions from Dr. Ureña. I noticed two or three new precautions for Coronavirus. Here’s two pictured.

Bank Line with 6 ft. Distances

Bank lines here (and many others) have always used chairs so people can wait in line seated, just getting up and moving every time another person is called. Before now, many chairs were crammed in side by side with people elbow to elbow. Now we are separated! 🙂   And I did not ask my teller to let me photograph his hands, but all tellers are wearing rubber gloves now.

It seems even more stark when no one is in line! But I don’t like to photograph people in public without their permission anyway! 🙂


Central Park Closed

While I was walking by the park this morning, city employees were stringing up the yellow hazard tape to essentially close the city park where usually it is the center of social activity and close contact between people. Not now! Such social distancing is necessary if we (the whole world) are to defeat this pandemic!


And I am avoiding my 2 or 3 times a week coffee or breakfast with friends at Crema y Nata.  The World Health Organization recommendation. I may still eat out once or twice a week, but at odd hours at a table solo!

Stay Healthy!   Avoid People!   🙂

Dental Update

This morning was my time to go back to the dental specialist for my root canal, assuming the infection was gone. Well, it hurt all week which was an indicator that I still have an infection. Plus the root canal specialist couldn’t make it because she had to rush her husband to the hospital with some kind of kidney problem, but Dr. Ureña is very good and I trust him. In fact, he did two things I wish she had done: He removed the temporary cap and will leave it off with only a wad of cotton in the hole, allowing the infection to drain (she did say that might have to be done). In addition to an antibiotic in the hole, he gave me a prescription for an oral antibiotic to take for a week. Together they should clean up the problem caused by a North American dentist not completing his root canal properly. He also gave me his personal cell phone number if I have any problems or severe pain. It is hard to find soft food that I like to eat beyond oatmeal and pudding!   😉   And even then I can only chew on my left side.

Whew! I go back Monday to see if infection is gone so the root canal can be completed or decide when, but surely sometime next week. But Dr. Ureña assures me I will be fine for my trip the 30th. And since tourism is at a standstill here, I may be at the lodge nearly alone or with an easy job of “social distancing.”   🙂   From the land of rainforests & happiness . . .

¡Pura Vida!

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