One of the many retirement blogs is titled “This Retirement Life” and the writer Dave Hogan, a financial planner, just took the Caravan Tour of Costa Rica which I highly recommend for a 9 day overview of the whole country as a tourist first, before you start the serious work of planning on living here.

After doing the Caravan Tour Dave stopped in to San Ramon to interview my friends Paul and Gloria Yeatman who have done the excellent blog “Retire for Less in Costa Rica” for the last ten years along with a healthcare tour of Costa Rica and are slowing down now, about to phase out their monthly blog post that I highly recommend to all couples considering retirement here and I will likewise recommend the book they are soon putting together by the same title, in addition to Gloria’s CR Cookbook already available!   🙂

Read this great Interview with Paul & Gloria Yeatman on the Retirement Life blog. If you are considering retirement anywhere outside the U.S., it will help you with the big picture from another first-hand experience! And get to know a couple who did retirement as well or better than anyone I know! Enjoy!


“It is better to live rich than to die rich.” – Samuel Johnson

¡Pura Vida!

Retired in Costa Rica


  1. Just checking in, Charlie. What’s the progress in CR of the Coronavirus? Has it arrived on your shores yet? Might be a good blog topic down the road either way. Praying …….

    1. Thanks Charles! I always benefit when someone prays for me! 🙂

      I briefly discussed the Coronavirus at the bottom of my March 11 post: MARCH 11, 2020 -“NEW MEDICAL ADVENTURES”

      I plan to do an update tomorrow, 15 March. So far there are small numbers affected here, mainly in the big city of San Jose with the usual panic buying of sanitizers and hand soap and all large crowd activities like ball games are canceled, but schools not closed yet. Otherwise, life is normal – Pura vida!

  2. Thanks for the update, Charlie. I remember reading about the dentist (and we may just take advantage of it one of these days if dental health demands!) but I didn’t read down that far on your post.


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