Tractor Centipede?

There are literally thousands of species of centipedes in Costa Rica, thus the name “Tractor” is dubious but the closest match I could find online for this centipede on my terrace today.

It is interesting to note that centipedes don’t have 100 legs or feet as the name implies and neither do millipedes have a thousand.   🙂    Centipedes have two pair of legs per body section and they stick out to the side like those in this photo, while a millipede looks more like a worm with his legs (one pair per section) barely showing and he is a slower mover than a centipede plus burrows into the ground. There are thousands of species of each here and I wonder if all the species even have names? Regardless, they are interesting to watch!

 The centipede was happy quite,

Until the toad in fun

Asked him which leg went after which,

Which drove him into such a pitch

He lay distracted in a ditch,

Considering how to run. 

~Author Unknown

¡Pura Vida!

See my photo collection of Millipedes in Costa Rica with this appearing to be my first centipede photo. Or if you really like funny-looking tiny creatures, check out my whole More Insects gallery which is separate from my butterflies gallery. Our world is full of so many interesting creatures!   🙂   And I love my constant exploration of nature in my retirement in Costa Rica!

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