Praying for Nashville

This morning I prayed for Nashville, Tennessee which was devastated last night with a major overnight tornado.

For those who don’t know, I lived in Nashville for about 37 years (1977-2014, minus 3 in The Gambia) and lived in two of the neighborhoods hit by the tornado last night, Germantown and Hermitage, thus the destruction is very real to me plus I knew people in other areas hit bad, like East Nashville.

But I also know Nashvillians and that they will work together to get through this and be a stronger community because of it. Yet still, I send my sympathies to the many families who lost loved ones last night (19 at last report seen).  Washington Post Article on Storm.

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To Nashville

Love & Pura Vida from your friend in Costa Rica.

4 Replies to “Praying for Nashville”

  1. Charlie, Thank you for praying for Nashville. I have spent considerable time this morning contacting friends who live in Germantown and so far they are fine. One good friend lives 3 blocks from the devestation and she already has a repairman there to work on things. Amazing.
    The news pictures are heartbreaking but also heartwarming as volunteers are already on the job in some areas.
    Continue to pray for our city.
    Kathy Kester

      1. Thanks Charlie. We’re fine but some friends have damage. Also building of Nashville Baptist Association has roof damage.

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