The Park – Braulio Carrillo

Thursday morning was my time to hike one trail and part of another in the national park IN THE RAIN! Which meant no birds but I did get one very wet Sloth and lots of plants & streams which I like! All of the parks are very well maintained here and have a lot of nature to share!   The park website:  Braulio Carrillo. 

Braulio Carrillo Pix

Visiting Braulio Carrillo from

Tapirus Lodge

¡Pura Vida!

Translation of quotation sign in park:

“This land belongs to all Costa Ricans, some have already died, others of us still live, but most are not yet born.”      ~Anonymous

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  1. Love the photos and love walking in the rain! I envy your experiences!
    Thank you for posting and I can almost feel the atmosphere! Memories of time on the farm in the woods on a rainy day!!
    Kathy Kester

  2. Gracias Kathy and I’m kind of glad to go back to Atenas Saturday where the “Dry Season” has begun – but I have loved every minute of this “Wet Week!” 🙂

  3. I’m looking forward to a few days at Tapirus Lodge and the tours you mentioned! I hope to go in Jan. or Feb. Thanks for all the info!

  4. Gracias Deborah! If you love nature you will probably like it very much! Be aware of a few things that are different from what is implied in their lodge website:

    (1) It is a tiny room, very basic with non-reliable hot water in the shower. And I had to ask for fresh towels each day the first 2 days. So humid that a used towel never dries! There are 10 rooms.
    (2) It rained constantly for the 6 days I was there, day and night, with maybe 3 hours of sunshine one morning. You can still see and do a lot in the rain, but expect it any time of year there. It’s a rainforest!
    (3) The food in the restaurant is basic with limited choices, the “tipico” breakfast being my favorite. Lunch is a buffet with lots of visitors not in the lodge including from cruise ships some days. I avoided that. For dinner there is a choice of chicken, fish or beef with a couple of preparation options. The staff is wonderful! No bar, but beers & wines available. Super nice young waiter (just the one)!
    (4) They have one of the longest zip-lines in the country and the longest canopy tram ride which this old man preferred and rode twice! I don’t zip in the rain! 🙂 All of this gives the place the feel of an amusement park, though deeply immersed in nature! Their “Birding Tour” was super good and worth it!
    (5) Their butterfly garden had only one species my week, but the frog and snake exhibits were extensive and the orchid garden limited but nice. Some hiking trails are open for residents and a few require a guide.
    (6) The National Park is just 5 km away if you have a car. I did not and the lodge took me in their shuttle bus. Two very nice trails that are easy to hike, even in the rain! 🙂 But I did not see many birds or other wildlife except for one sloth. A lady ranger was very helpful.

    Later I will have a photo gallery posted of my trip and will announce it on the blog.

    ¡Buen viaje!

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