Christmas Parade!

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”

~Will Ferrell, ‘Elf’

And that is what they do in the annual Christmas Lights Night Parade in Atenas with participants and viewers coming from other “pueblos” (towns) surrounding Atenas including the large Zarcero Community Band which marched in the Rose Parade earlier as well as smaller, rural bands and dance groups. Colorful, long, and loud!

A terrific Christmas Fiesta that continued after the parade with live music & food in the partly remodeled Central Park Atenas until midnight! Since I can hear the sound system from my house, it meant I was delayed going to bed last night!   🙂   And for some of us . . .

“The world has grown weary through the years, but at Christmas, it is young.”     ~Phillips Brooks

Atenas Christmas Parade 2019


For more photos see my Christmas Parade 2019 Photo Gallery!

¡Pura Vida!

4 Replies to “Christmas Parade!”

  1. Charlie, the Light Parade looks from your photos to be a neat experience and I might like coming a Christmas time some year to visit for this parade and festival.

  2. Thank you for the insights into the Christmas parade in your new hometown! Very colorful and varied. Looks like everyone was having a good time.
    I enjoy reading your posts even though I don’t always let you know. It appears your life is a busy and enjoyable in your chosen location. I’m happy for you. Hope your Christmas is a blessed one!
    Kathy Kester, Nashville Zoo Docent

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