Welcome! is the translation for you English-only-speakers and one of the new Tico residents of Roca Verde decided that since he lives in the first house inside Roca Verde main gate he would contribute to the neighborhood with this nice welcome sign at 101 Roca Verde just across a little valley from my house at 105 (and he too overlooks the cow pasture). I can’t remember, but don’t think I have shown his welcome sign on the blog yet.


Also inside the main gate (before his sign and at edge of the cow pasture) is the above lovely shaped tree that just lost its leaves and is renewing them now in our sort of a Spring. Walking to town this morning I walked by the tree that I have always liked the shape of and decided on a cell phone photo – above. Then I saw a Lineated Woodpecker in it that soon flew to two of the other trees as I tried to make a photo (below), but I need my big camera for birds! No good photo, but you can see what else is welcoming you inside the Roca Verde gate.    🙂    Bienvenidos!

Lineated Woodpecker, Roca Verde Entrance
Lineated Woodpecker, Roca Verde Entrance

“Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.”
— Kahlil Gibran

Better photos tomorrow from Arenal Observatory!


¡Pura Vida!

2 Replies to “Bienvenidos!”

  1. Wait ! That’s Canadian speak – I mean French !—not tico—-I mean Spanish.! Wow I hate being mono- lingual. I feel illiterate! An old joke goes, “ if you speak 4 languages, you are European, if you speak 2 languages , you must be spanish or Canadian. If you can only speak 1 language, you are just an American— darn, I mean citizen of the US. ——- Nuts. I’m going to cover my head with a towel.

  2. Well . . . you said it Steve! 🙂 Another version of that joke also told here is cuadra-lingual, tri-lingual, bilingual and American! 🙂 It amazes me how many Americans here don’t even try to learn the language and don’t plan to, though most do try and just aren’t very good like me! It is hard work for an old man like me to learn a new language! ¡Pero se puede hacer!

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