Senior Adults Dancing, Alajuela

That’s Costa Rican Senior Adults! And most love to dance, but to “their kind of music” and not what the young people have today.

So . . . on my way to pick up a package at Aeropost in Alajuela today I walk by a happy and lively Central Park Alajuela with a Marimba Band playing “their kind of music!” A few cell phone snapshots and I move on for my package and a Tex Mex lunch at Jalopeños Central. As I rushed by the park at 2:20 for my 2:30 bus the music and dancing was still going on! Pura Vida!

It is at the same place I photographed some young people break dancing a month or two ago.    🙂

Marimba Music is common and popular here among older people.
You don’t have to have a partner to dance!

We have this in Atenas too, I just haven’t been looking for it lately.
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“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”
~Martha Graham


¡Pura vida!

4 Replies to “Senior Adults Dancing, Alajuela”

  1. I’m looking for “oldies” dance music from the 50s and 60s. That said, I am so wishing to find some dancing from that era like the sock hops. Thanks. Sheila.

  2. Sheila, sometimes finding things like that just end up being a serendipty, they just happen somewhere around us. Atenas and most CR towns will get back to more regular dancing in the parks once Covid has passed. Its just been a rare thing having a pandemic this long.

    Hang in there!

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