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Costa Rica Birds (242 species)
Nicaragua Birds (98 species)
Panama Birds (57 species)
Mexico Birds (24 species)
Guatemala Birds (18 species)
Cuba Birds (11 species)
Brazil Amazon Birds (17 species)

Other Insects (40 species)
Mammals (27 species)
Amphibians (18 species)
Reptiles (25 species)
Others Not fitting above (1 species)

My Home Gardens
Caribbean Coast
Pacific Coast
Talamanca Mountains
Monteverde & Arenal/Poas
Rancho Naturalista Flowers
Villa Blanca Cloud Forest
Walking in Atenas

From my Roca Verde Terrace
From the Hill Above my House
From Hacienda La Jacaranda Apartments
Caribbean Beaches
Pacific Beaches
Miscellaneous Costa Rica Vistas
Neighboring Country: Nicaragua Vistas
Neighboring Country: Guatemala Vistas
Neighboring Country: Panama Vistas
Neighboring Country: Mexico Vistas

Campesinos Waterfall, Quepos
Cloudbridge Reserve Waterfalls (2)
Corcovado National Park (3)
Hanging Bridges Waterfall
La Paz Waterfalls (5)
Manantial de Agua Viva Waterfall, Carara
San Gerardo de Dota Waterfalls (2)
San Luis Waterfall, Monteverde

Costa Rica Lodges & Hotels (33)
Nicaragua Lodges & Hotels (5)
Panama Lodges & Hotels (4)
My Rent House in Roca Verde
Hacienda La Jacaranda Apartments
Atenas General Shots
Atenas Public Art & Grafitti                   RAN OUT OF TIME LINKING TITLES!
Atenas Home Business Signs                                    Sorry!
Churches Costa Rica
Churches Nicaragua
Alajuela, Costa Rica
San Jose, Costa Rica
Small Towns Costa Rica

Tamale Making Class
Independence Day Parade 2017
Independence Day Parade 2016

Independence Day Parade 2015
Oxcart Parade 2017
Oxcart Parade 2015 & 2016
Day of Cultures 2017
Other Fiestas in Atenas Central Park
Atenas Easter Processional 2017
Granada, Nicaragua Easter Processionals 2016
Atenas Easter Processional 2015
Cuban Swan Lake Ballet, San Jose
My Visitors from the States
My 75th Birthday Party
My 76th Birthday Party (Let’s wait until 80th now!)
Photos of Me

2017-Dec-3–InterNations at Zooave
2017-Nov-14–Atenas Expats Tour San Jose
2017-Nov-6-10–Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Resort
2017-Sept-Oct–Three Day Trips Nearby
2017-Sept-4-8–Caribe Banana Azul, Puerto Viejo
2017-July-29–Tarcoles River Day Trip
2017-July-3-7–Rancho Naturalista, Turrialba
2017-May-1-6–Drake Bay & Corcovado
2017-April-22–Camino de Costa rica Day Hike
2017-April-13–Tarcoles River Day Trip
2017-March-18-22–Tenorio Park & Celeste Mtn. Lodge
2017-Feb-16-18–San Jose City Visit
2016-Dec-23-27–Sarapiqui Selva Verde Lodge
2016-Dec-16-Tarcoles River Day Trip
2016-Sept-15-20–Manzanillo Tent Hotel
2016-Aug-21-24–Flamingo Beach & Palo Verde Park
2016-Jun-28-30–Western Nicaragua
2016-May-22-23–Carara Park & Cerro Lodge
2016-May-20-22–Campesinos near Quepos
2016-Mar-22-30–Nicaragua Bird Tour
2016-Feb-14–Toledo Coffee Farm Tour
2016-Feb-12–Atenas Railroad Museum
2016-Feb-11–La Paz Waterfall Gardens
2016-Jan-27-30–Healthcare Tour & San Ramon Visit
2015-Dec-30–Visa Run to Nicaragua Border
2015-Dec-6-9–Rancho Naturalista, Turrialba
2015-Oct-8–Visa Run to Penas Blanca, Nicaragua
2015-Sept-25-27–San Gerardo de Dota
2015-Sept-23-25–Chirripo & Cloudbridge
2015-Aug-21-24–Bribri Yorkin Reserve, Caribe
2015-Aug-20-21–Puerto Viejo de Talamanca
2015-Jul-29-Aug-1–Tarcoles & Carara
2015-Jul-8–Visa Run to Nicaragua border
2015-Mar-29+–Five CR Towns Visited w/ Kevin
2015-Mar-25-27–Manuel Antonio Park
2015-Mar-25–Tarcoles River 
2015-Mar-23–Poas & La Paz Waterfalls Garden
2015-Mar-22–Toledo Coffee Farm Tour
2015-Mar-15–Visa Run to Nicaragua
2015-Feb-28–Tope de Mercedes
2015- Feb-19–Tarcoles River Day Trip
+10 Latin American Trips BEFORE moving to Costa Rica

A gallery of 22 Haiku Poems, each on one of my photos, 3 en español


Sorry but I ran out of time linking every gallery title, but I hope you will explore my photo galleries and realize that the TRIPS gallery is almost like a photo diary of my trips and is where you get a chronological report of what I do in my retirement in Costa Rica. Enjoy!  

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